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Hospital reviews

Today I got my copy of the review I had at the hospital, and the specialist nurse under a different heading, Many feel that they are not listened too especially when you seem to have a different one on each visit. I was a little uptight about it and was worried that things were not picked up.

I was frightened that they had not listened to me regarding my medications and problems associated with my complaint, my worries were in vain they had picked up on most of what I said about decisions regarding different medications that they wanted too give, I am now feeling much better regarding it , they even showed me my scores, sometimes we seem to worry to much and not live for the day

For those in pain, I suppose we need to stand back and give those that are new a chance and not jump over a wall of our own making

All the best from a very relived


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Easy to worry about something so important but glad your visit went so well. Can you take someone with you in the future? 2 heads are always better than one.

Pat x


Hi Bob, that's great that you got a copy of the review, not just as a reminder of what was discussed and your opinions, but it also gives you something to think about before the next review.

Sometimes ideas pop into our heads a few days after the event. Note them down on the review so they are ready for next time.

Its only natural to worry, and as paton says, an extra person is always good, evenif its just to talk to while you are waiting to be seen.


I think a written review of your visit was a brilliant idea, I did take a family member with me on one occasion and he did ask a few questions I had forgotten. At the last visit I asked for my condition to be given a name. The specialist thought it an odd request,but after I explaned that I do some research on the internet, and no, I don,t take every article to heart, also filling in application forms for assistance and also chatting to my occupational therapist. They all wanted the medical term. I wish all hospitals povided such a report. Pleased to hear it has eased your mind, you have enough to worry about with dealing with the pain, Tara a bit, Ann


Hello Paton, Zanna

Thanks for your reply yes we can take someone with me although over the years I have generally gone myself as the wife gets upset because of how I have become. Thirty years ago I was as fit as a lop and was doing many activities that sadly I cannot do now, she has said many people say I am only a shadow of what I was then, I was a specialist writer on Middle East travel , I feel very sad.

Never mind I cannot travel on this kind of trip, so have not done that now for thirty years, they even took my day dog away from me.

Generally I was taken a back at how high the score was and that was not taking in further complaints.

Thanks for your reply



I think it's normal to worry if you've had a negative experience in the past. I was very reluctant to be referred to a pain consultant again after the last one had discharged me as a hopeless case. I half-heartedly filled in the pain questionnaire and expected to be sent away with nothing. But the new consultant was brilliant and did more than just listen, and I don't think I would be where I am now if it hadn't have been for her.


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