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Rheumatologist appointment yesterday. Diagnosis ?

I knew I had OA in my big toe joints and suspected I also had it in my hands and wrists but the rheumy suggested fibromyalgia as well. I have wondered about it and been on the fibro action forum but I don't get the tiredness, and brain fog that others get. My main symptom is Pain In specific joints, And aching and weakness in others. Anyone else get a diagnosis of fibro that they don't think it's right? Seems odd when most people with fibro have trouble getting a diagnosis.

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Sorry for your pain, I do understand what it is like having the pain but I think you might get a better answer from the Fibroaction group in the Communities as they have a lot of members and I am sure they will give all the help they can.

Kindest regards



Thanks terry. I am on fibro action but I posted here instead cos I kind of assumed that everyone on there is there cos they think they have fibro! Rather than thinking they don't ! I'm prob not that unusual tho eh.


Bit late but may still get email - I have Osteo arthritis for sure in joints and waiting for hip and most likely knee replacements and hands and right big toe bad = fingrs bent knuckles enlarged painful - found American site said stop eating spuds and tomato as well as others from the Deadly Nightshade family and these fingers and toes will improve. Did within 3 weeks could make a fist and big toe - well on left foot and its that hip and knee both plus had burning heel nightly drove me out of bed. That was put right by B12 daily plus eating blackberries most days a few which I buy out of season frozen but from Chile not China.

I had been t several GPs and burning heel to them mans diabetes. Tested each time. Not got it.

Met a lady at vascular clinic where surgeon sent me to check fo blockages - she had same burning and told her how it worked for me. She rang to say she had been able to sleep through night first time for ages. B12 starts to go down in body over 50, minimum amount in a daily multi vitamin but not enough as I have taken these for years.

Told by another person who took advice and had RA said hands were feeling heaps better and she is one who says healthy diet enough dont need vitamin supplements as advised by most GP's but today they too are beginning to recommend these supplements. As our soils are all too often depleted or fertilizer made from bad stuff like animal feces so food has not got the right vitamins we should or were once able to get fro consuming it.

BTW recently had an outbreak of salmonella from lettuce grown using a fertilizer that had chicken feces in it - poor old farmer down millions they say and others too as people stopped eating lettuce from supermarkets here in Australia - well until forget it eh! Summer here and a hot El Nino one so rabbit food welcome ha ha. Hottest where I live since 1965 and whole island is on fire - vegetation fires mainly over 80 across the Island. In 1965 was worse as lost many towns even burnt to ground homes and buildings like Councils losing records so not global warming at all but just weather pattern coming around again. Like many events.


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