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Two weeks post bunion op, and awaiting rheumy appointment

Well I had the op two weeks ago. Terrible pain for first week but hardly any in the second week! Bandage coming off today. I do now have all the original pains worse due to crutches though- my wrists hurt so much and so does my opposite heel, from bearing all the weight!

Also my left ankle from walking only on my heel for two weeks. Oh we'll, getting there. Back to work in a week.

I'm seeing a rheumatologist next week so hopefully they can tell me whether I have OA in my hands as well as my feet, or CMT, or fibromyalgia, or hypermobility syndrome. GP thinks its the latter but I'm not sure the symptoms quite fit. It will be helpful to know which it is.

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Best of luck for the appointment . hope it goes well x


Hello Rowentree,

Well if variety is the spice for life, you have a very interesting time ahead, Sorry I hope that all goes well for you, and you get a good prognosis, and it will be a good one.

If you need support you will always get that here, so good luck next week, and every thing positive for you.



It suddenly hit me yesterday, as the pain due to the operation improves, that,although that is obviously great.. The rest of the pains I have are not going to go away! Made me feel really miserable. Because the pain from the op was acute, it over rode all the rest. Now it's subsiding its making me feel so miserable that the rest of the pain is here to stay. I'm just going to have to put up with it for the rest of my life. Hmmm.


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