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Hi new to this community

hi am new to this community I use the fibromyalgia and thyroid forums I have been in pain with tenosynnovitis since 1992 so have problems with my wrists, arms and have had back neck issues for years now get pain in my left leg and most recently my feet. Just need rubbing out and starting again really ha ha. too many itis s to mention. I know it means inflammation any help with how to reduce inflammation would be brilliant. I use tens machine and heat relief pads but am lately finding it hard to manage pain. back on medication which i previously hated taking but now need to be more realistic as my mobility is greatly reduced.

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A couple of things worth trying. I get benefit from wrapped cold packs for short spells. My osteopath also suggested that I had sessions with a tennis ball or dog ball in the hollow of my hip to relieve pain in my leg.


thanks for that i remember someone saying about using a tennis ball to relieve pain i will give it a try i seem to be worse in the damp cold weather. I have regular body alignment sessions i go once a month but seem to be having a flare up at the moment.


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