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is it just me

i suffered a heart attack and a stroke 10 years ago i also have athritis in most joints i suffer from auto immune liver disease and copd i am in terrible pain all the time i have been on morphine and antidepressents for some time all my doctors seem to do is palm me of with pills and they call this pallative care is it just me who feels they have been thrown in a corner with a dust sheet over me where is the care in that i try to stay up beat but find it difficult day after day i feel as if i am on the scrap heap at the age of fifty tell me someone is it just me

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Hello there,

I totally understand what you are saying. It is frustrating and my pain clinic has yet to come up with a cocktail of pills that would help me ! I've tried them all. Freeze gels and capsaicin creams ,codeine tramadol I take now with no effect. Just imagine it would be horrendous without. Now been given morphine to swig twice a day ! Keeps me too relaxed but again the pain still there,

I know how you feel at 50. I'm very angry at how I've been given two major conditions to deal with in life. Even feel so sad and sorry for myself as afraid of what I going to be like in the future,

We can only hope that the future is always just tomorrow the next day, and that we don't suddenly jump from 50 to 70 (

Why in 2012 has someone not been able to control people's pain. I just don't get it,

You're not on the scrap heap at 50, but understand how this cruel illness makes everyone feel,

It is great being able to share with people who understand, without continually trying to explain what it feels like to be in constant pain,

You sound a very nice person to me , so chin up, and we just have to carry on, in the hope that one day they will be able to help us,

Best wishes,



Hi I know the feeling, I am 56 and have been suffering pain for the last seven to eight years. I was told it is sciatica. I have now had a scan and seen a specialist and have severe arthritis in the spine and spondylolysthesis. Was offered an op on the spine or injection into the spine, both of which will not help the arthritis but MIGHT help with pain in my leg. I used to love power walking and was very active, gardening etc, I am now reduced to sitting most of the time, keep busy, doing crafts, music, radio reading, etc. My biggest problem besides the chronic pain and lack of sleep due to pain, is the sheer frustration that this is my lot in life and having to keep a cheerful attitude up so my family are not affected by it. It is hard, but we just have to carry on, feel free to share all on this site as everyone here are very helpful, fun and above all are here to lift each other up, hang in there, cheers for now, Ann


i had exactly the same pain with sciatica like you i couldn't sleep for the pain in my leg, until i put my foot on the floor (bit awkward at first) this helped a lot, give it a try you never know. take care


will do, am going to try and do some stretching excercises that suit me , as " they" say { the mystery " they" } that it can only help. The physio said It can take up to six months visits to her before I see any change and even then it is only 50/.50 chance there is any .. I opted out of that as I think I will only make the taxi company feel better and not me! Have a good day Ann


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