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i started feeling unwell 1 month and 4 days ago...went to my gp they didnt give me no information so went to a specialist doctor and he said i have gastriointuritis but that involves sickness and dyarhiaa i havent been sick or had any dyarhiaa just been feeling sick and going dizzy hot and cold shivers fever and cramps and pains all at once in my belly so iv been doubled over in pain. i am concerened as to what it is as i have been havin these for a month and 4 days. had nausea but never been sick. what else could i have if my doctors have got it wrong?

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I am not sure but I would diffently find another doctor!!!!


Please go and see another doctor. The doubling over in pain and other symptoms can not be left untreated. Ask for an emergency appointment if they try to put you off. I'm not medically trained, just concerned. It might help to write it all down, they don't always listen but if they read it...

keep in touch,



I'm not sure either, but shivers and fevers and cramps suggest and infection of some kind. Could it be a gynae problem? Either way, see another GP or the surgery nurse, they have more time to talk to you and can call the dr in


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