problems using a keyboard on a pc? a solution

for those with problems using a keyboard on a pc. I use the on-screen keyboard.

On my pc I clicked :-


all programs



on-screen keyboard.

I can only use the mouse and 1 finger at the moment. if you use the minimize, not close function, it should stay on your toolbar for future use.



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  • Another option is 'Dragon Naturally Speaking' - a speech-to-text although it takes a while to get the best out of it.

  • I've tried a speech-to-text programme, too - it's great if you have plenty of time to programme it to your voice and speech patterns, but can get really frustrating when you first use it!

    Sara xx

  • I tried one about 15+ years ago but, because my voice is so hoarse, it couldn't understand me. I coughed and it typed "I've had enough" !!!


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