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Looking for support


I'm new here and don't know where to start

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Hi what has brought you on here I see your on the pain support is that why you have joined

Yes it is and am waiting on other support

Well welcome 😁 there’s loads of lovely people on here if you would do a post maybe just abit about why your on here and stuff I’m sure lots of people will reply to you but you don’t have to I’m here also if you want to message me 👍🏼

Hi Amanda

I have wear and tear in my joints and have various other Illness as well psoriasis and asthmatic and mental health issues which I'm open to discuss just not sure what you can and can't discuss am happy having you on board for support


You can pretty much post what you like how you feel what’s brought you here anything there will always be someone to reply to you

Welcome Colin,good to see ya.the site is a pretty good place to be cos the peeps are genuine and are willing to lend an ear in support.

Thank you for your support

Hi I am new on here to .

Welcome I'm New as well

Betsy50 in reply to Petrina_gmfc

Hi petrina welcome aboard lots of lovely people on here

Petrina_gmfc in reply to Betsy50

I heard that from some friends

Thanks colinritchie

You are welcome I'm always here to help anyone if I can and know I will receive it back

Yes you will

Jjflash in reply to Petrina_gmfc

Welcome to the 2 newbies,petrina and colin

Thanks for the welcome

Hi colin welcome to a lovely place where people are honest and genuine people I'm ever so glad I joined this site. Pain is very hard to live with but we are all here for the same reason and can give advice to each other

Hi Thank you for fantastic welcome xx

It does help to have the support of others. Glad to know that youare waiting on some more support. Long term pain - is a pain! But there are things we can do to manage day to day. Welcome.

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