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I need an urgent answer and an expert in this matter


My wife used the pregnancy test kit to confirm that she is pregnant, she repeated the process 4 times, but today she's seeing her period.. please what does this mean? Someone should help me

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Nobody here can give you a definite answer but it's possible she either has lost the pregnancy or as it's very early days she has breakthrough bleeding, she will have to see how things go, hope it all works out for you both.

TYmax in reply to bantam12

She did another test today and it's still positive.. how is this possible?

hippolove1 in reply to TYmax

Could be the hormones in her body.

Personally..the kits r kits..if it were me..Id speak with an OB/GYN or a hospital n get a pregnancy test done in there office n a full exam to get 100% answers otherwise everyone's opinions will make ya nuts n u still won't have 100% answers.

Best to u n ur wife.

You wife can be having breakthrough bleeding in the early months... provided it's not heavy, that's what it could be. See what happens in the coming weeks. I know you are worrying, but try not to. I had a bleed round about the time my usual period was due and if I remember correctly, a bit of spotting the following month. But all was well.

We are not doctors on this site and cannot advise you what is happening. Only a doctor can do that.

Please ensure your wife sees a doctor as soon as possible. Should even go to A&E in my opinion.

I agree it’s likely breakthrough bleeding but for peace of mind have her see a doctor right away. Good luck.

A woman can have periods while pregnant (it’s not too common but can happen for lots of reasons) however I’d get a test at your GP surgery to really know “yes or no”

Queeniz in reply to Queeniz

Ps - a woman can have periods all through her pregnancy but it’s rare,

As mentioned above, it's best to consult your GP or an Obstetrician. There are so many variables..... with our 2nd daughter I had a negative test with our GP's surgery. It was eventually confirmed with an ultrasound that I was about 19 weeks pregnant.

After her birth, her neonatal specialist thought perhaps we'd lost her twin, but of course there was no way to know.

Breakthrough bleeding does occur about the time a period would 'normally' be expected, & is usually in the first early months; I had this for 3 months with my eldest daughter.

I hope all is well with yourself & wife with this pregnancy.

It’s possible to be pregnant and bleed .this happened to me , the baby was born small

and I didn’t think I was pregnant . He had problems with allergies and his health as an infant . It’s important she sees a doctor as the baby can be at risk if she bleeds too much .

So get help

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