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Sleep apena update

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Just thought I'd update you all on a previous post I posted the other week. I use a resmed machine for my sleep apena. I asked if anyone who uses this machine had problems with noisy masks I wear the one that goes over my nose. But it was really noisy, so my husband had a look at it, and it turned out I had the noise piece upside down. Typical me. I blame my drugs, for my scatty brain. I'm still making noises etc which is why I have the machine but will give it a little more time. However I have the app oon my phone for the resmed machine so it tells me how I did during the night. There is one bit of data I'm not quite sure what it means. It says 20.2 events per hour 0/5. Does anyone know what out means. The other data I understand just not thud one. Anny ideas.

Tia Debbs. πŸ™.

4 Replies

Hi Debbs73 , I have Resmed with no problems at all , but like to help you if i can , Are you on Full Face Mask the Resmed F20 i'm on now took time but i got there , with the help from , YouTube Resmed Problems ; Mask , Machine Prob's All the Help is there , Hope its ok to mention it here , take care

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Hi thanks forthe reply. The one I use is the resmed air 10, it's the one that just goes over my nose. Thanks never thought to check it out on you tube. Many thanks I'll check that out. πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

Wow. Thanks for this post. I've been on a Resmed machine for many years now. I cannot get to the sleep clinic in Aberdeen (75 miles) away because of my chronic pain problem so clearly have not been kept as up to date as I should have. I didn't realise you got apps and YouTube videos now.

I use the mouth mask with the wee pads you put up your nostrils. I used the full face mask in the early years. It's only in the last maybe 3 years I use it with no air noises at all now. There are still nights I want to rip the thing off though. The main problem I have is a "popping" sound I get which is presumably the condensation in the long tube. Does anyone else get that?

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Hiya. Like yourself i also suffer from chronic pain. I have the app on my phone that is synced to my machine but never thought about checking you tube out but thanks to dizzyquezz reply to me I will be doing now. I'm still making noises and the machine seems not to be ok, can't be that bad as my husband and I have been sleeping together again as it got so bad that we slept in separate rooms as he was getting no sleep.

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