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Sleep study verdict.


As I posted a few weeks ago. I had my sleep study done at the hospital to try and get to the bottom off why I was screaming, shouting, singing etc. Well I got my results on Friday. They found out that my legs moved 50 times in an hour, am that i fall into a deep sleep more or less straight away, an it also states that i have sleep apnea and the consultant is referring me to a sleep apnea clinic. Due u know what if I'm not Fed up. It just seems to be one thing after another. Hubby and I already sleep in separate rooms due to my nightly activities, if I have to wear a mask overnight that's it not good. Will keep you informed when i find out anymore. 🤔😀

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hi Debbs at least your getting some answers to all this. thats a lot of times to move your legs in an hour its a wonder your not exhausted when you wake up. as you say its one thing after another. your not getting anytime to enjoy the last hurdle that you just got over. DWP. my sister had sleep apnea i was at the bingo with her years ago and she was sitting sleeping yet still seemed to be marking her books okay. it was really strange. i'v not seen her for a long time so i dont know how she got on with it. she had moved away a long distance from me. I know you have a great and supportive partner thats a great help. im glad that at least they;r trying to get to the bottom of it for you. keep in touch debbs lots of love for now. grace xoxo

Debbs73 in reply to grace111

Hiya Grace ill private message you. Xxx


Anyone mention Restless Leg Syndrome or movement disorder? Im no way a doctor..just trying to help...hope ur ok with my thought on this??? I have Dystonia..and know about jerking legs...and its miserable when u cant stop it.No sleep for u or anyone else for that matter.

Hope u get definite answers soon.Best of luck to you :)

Debbs73 in reply to Hidden

Hi monkeysmiles1 . Yeah on the letter I got on Friday it did mention restless leg syndrome that was probably causing my leg movements. Yeah I'm totally fine the more info I get off people is greatly recieved I'm totally grateful for the in put. I used to look after a lady who had dystonia, that's when your body or parts of ya body lock up isn't it? Or would explain why my legs are in so much agony always in pain but put it down to my fibro but know now. My husband and I sleep apart due to my problems. Thankyou again for your input. 😀

Hidden in reply to Debbs73

Very welcome.message me if ya just need to chat

Debbs73 in reply to Hidden

Thankyou. I will probably take u up on that. 😀xxx


I have sleep apnoea and also REM-Sleep Behaviour Disorder. The latter results in me acting out my dreams while in REM Sleep - like yourself. For me it is one of the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease as my body, because of the PD, does not prevent dream movement. It often presents as an early sign of PD.

Hi Debbs.

I was diagnosed with severe mixed sleep apnoea 2'yrs ago.

I had finally had enough of being tired & struggling to stay awake during the day, often feeling myself falling asleep during meetings in the morning, afternoon etc, being shook by my partner during sleep to tell me I'd stopped breathing.

At first the consultant thought it was the most common "obstructive" type, where your brain says, "you've stopped breathing, wake up!" so I was put on CPAP therapy. This actually made it worse & through remote monitoring by the clinic, they found out I was stopping breathing on average 80 times per hour per night.

They then found out it was the other type I had, "Central" which is where your brain DOESN'T say, "wake up, you've stopped breathing"

I have to wear a mask now connected to an ASV machine, which is a far more technical piece of kit than the standard CPAP machine. The ASV monitors you're breathing pattern very closely & I have got used to wearing the mask over time.

I hope they manage to sort everything out for you & if it does turn out to be sleep apnoea, there are loads of great help & advice around now. I can also manage to stay awake throughout the day now, something I've never before managed to do.

Good luck

Ritchie xx

Debbs73 in reply to Ritchie1268

Hi Ritchie.

I didn't realise that there was different types of it. I'm positive it's the obstructive type that they said I had, until I get a referral to the sleep apnea clinic/ specialist I won't know for certain. I know in the study that they did they said my legs move 50 times an hour. That would explain why my legs hurry so much in the morning, I just put it down to my fibromyalgia or my hematomacrosis. I'm always exhausted on a morning. My your apnea sounds a little scary. Thing is I first went there as I have some very weird sleeping noises, I sing, scream, shout, make loads of other noises but they haven't mentioned that in the letter only about the sleep apnea, I guess I'll mention that at my next app. At the minute my husband and I sleep apart as he needs his sleep so can function at work. Hope I don't have to wait to long to see the consultant.

Will keep u posted.

Thanks for your reply.

Debbs x

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