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UPDATE: getting somewhere ....slowly!

Well, I thought i would post to update all you very helpful and caring people who have posted a response to my plea. I went to the GP today, a very understanding lady who i have not seen before. She listened to my problem properly, and has prescribed Zapain (Codeine Phosphate and paracetamol) to take alongside my Ibuprofen, and some Omeprazole to protect my tummy. I am now going to take the Ibuprofen regularly three times a day at the same time, and have the Zapain at bed time and when the pain is acute as it has been over the last few days.

I have had Zapain before for other issues so I know the effects and side effects and know that I was able to control my pain without having to take it every day. This is exactly what i asked for and i am pleased.

She also explained why i have not heard from my referrals (Pain Clinic, Inco Nurse,and Physio). Apparently the GPs are still waiting for my MRI results and neurology report from six weeks ago to decide a course of action.

They feel that should i need surgery then they will refer me AFTER any treatment, and they were not expecting there to be such a delay. This GP will chase up the Consultant urgently. If they aren't advising surgery at this point she will refer me to the Pain Clinic. I actually feel this is a bit of passing the book, but i must move forward so wont dwell on who is at fault. Frankly i don't see why i cant have the referrals in the interim.

I can't figure this bit out tbh. If I am to trust what she says then i cannot trust the neurologist, as HE was the one to ask me why the GP HADNT ALREADY referred me to those departments. Who is telling the truth? i guess i will never know. Maybe the report and results are lost, as has happened before? Who knows. But as it stands today, someone is looking into it and that is all i can do for now. i will be ringing in a week to check.. This is not satisfactory, but out of my control, so i am accepting it. I am looking forward to a more comfortable night tonight.

AND when i got home, there was a message on the answer machine from the Physio!!! BIZZARRE???!

So that is where i am at. I really want to thank all of you for your incredible words of support and suggestions, and i know i will probably be turning to you again at some point for more!! I hope i can offer some of my own to people on here too. I will keep you updated. Bless you all, Zoe X

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It's not a case of who to trust. You have fresh eyes on your proiblem and that is a good thing, like an unofficial second opinion, and with that comes new ideas. The neurologist is right in asking for refferals to all those departments. With drs, they tend to work by elimination to narrow down what causes illness and conditions. You will appreciate, many conditions overlap with symptoms, so they don't want to miss something.

Quite often, with complex results, the relevant consultants will meet and discuss the best way forward. Trying to get the C's together at the same time is near on impossible, which may be why there's a delay on your results. Sometimes there's alot going on in the background that you are aware of.

It's often the case that they work from simple treatment up to surgery. Afterall, a change of meds, 6 weeks of physio is alot better for you (even though it may not seem like it) than all the risks around surgery. plus knowing how your body responds gives them more info about what is wrong with you. Surgery should never be rushed into unless it is an emergency.

It may be that they have to apply for funding to do the op if it's not on the routine list, and part of the criteria they have to submit is what other things have you tried? who else is involved? What are their opinions?

It nay even be that they are asking advice from other C's, and again, tracking bthem down and getting responses can take time.

I'm not saying this is actually what's going on with your C's but thjis is a few reasons why results and treatments can be delayed.

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Hi Zanna. Reading your reply has been very helpful, thank you. Because my last scans definitely did get lost (causing delays and having to go for more) I think i was getting a bit paranoid. What you say makes complete sense, and i feel better knowing that wheels are turning which I am unaware of. I truly value the opinions of my doctors, and I am frustrated because when you are in such pain everyday you get desperate for action. Everything seems to take SO long! I don't want surgery unless that is my only option. I felt very alone trying to manage the pain, and i feel like a pest going back and forth to the dr to try different things.

This last GP has a very caring demeanour, which i suppose i must find important. She was also very honest and informative, showing me letters on the computer and discussing plans for the future, which the others hadn't done. This goes to show how having a good bedside manner can really improve patient care! More Drs should have to learn this.

The most surly and abrupt (and the senior) GP at the practice is also one of my favourites, strangely, as he has a very methodical no-nonsense approach, but i only saw him once back in November. Since then it has been several different doctors, and it is hard to build trust with someone you only see briefly. i am learning ( rather slowly, i know) that the daily management of my condition is mostly in my own hands to a point. There is no quick fix. If one of the Gps had told me what you just have i would have been much happier. Once i know whats happening and what i am facing I feel better. So thank you Zanna, i really appreciate you helping me see the situation differently.


Continuity of carer (doctor) is so important but this qualitative issue seems to have been "unprioritised" in many systems, sometimes for unavoidable reasons. Glad to hear all is tundling along for you Zoe. The pathway insists on conservative treatment first, unless as emergency of course, because, as Zanna says, better to have any possible improvement before surgery. Best wishes. Mary.


Hi Mary, conservative approach makes sense, of course it does. And no system is perfect. I was fed up really, of waiting for things to be done....I still am tbh. But it doesn't seem to be any ones fault. It is hard to be a patient patient! :)

Reply glad you have found some relief. I don't know what happened to your results but I'd stay on them both. After all you pay for the service and they need to get it together and not play the blame game. As for the pain clinic they would see you if your family doctor referred you. Keep on them!!!! xxxx Mitzi


Thank you Mitzieblue :) Sadly, I had the worst night so far last night- Ive posted about it under "Epic trial night on Zapain". BUT, i have just rung the Physio and she is seeing me tonight! YAYYYYY! Maybe she can offer some suggestions so i can have a nice sleep and be able to get up tomorrow! Fingers crossed....xxxxZoe


Awesome, pray you get some good news, at least answers. That means a lot!!! Let me know how it goes!!! xxxx Mitzi


Hi glad you've seen a GP who actually communicates and although you didn't get the answers you wanted at least she explained and it does make some sense what she's saying. You can always contact the consultant's secretary to chase up the scans too and the secretaries can be an amazing support and worth having on your side (my surgeon's secretary and me have done reports between us and got him to sign as waiting for him to write it would take 6 months! Although before others start having a go about how terrible that is, he would not sign something he did not agree with). Regarding the new meds, please persevere, most side effects subside after a few days, so although horrible to begin with, they may help in the long term. I'm also glad she prescribed you omeprazole, so you can take the ibuprofen regularly. Keep us posted. x


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