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I am a 39 year old female suffering from burning pain in the area where I pass water.

I have had thrush in April. At the same time as thrush it also turned out I had a kidney infection. But dr did not pick up on it. Said had thrush and making too much of it.

Sample early on showed nothing in April. A few weeks on. I developed a fever, kept being sick, sore mouth etc. Felt really ill. Hospital said kidney infection after phoning 111. I also couldn't eat.

I dont have a fever this time.

Saw Dr last Monday. Sample was clear. But suffering burning pain. Increased urgency need to pass water frequently. Prescribed me nitrofurantoin. 3 day course. I vomitted 2nd day of taking antibiotics. After finishing course felt better but not right. Water hot but not burning. And persistent burning less. But not gone completely.

Today am feeling low. Persistent burning is back. Stomach bloated. Feel fatigued and achy.

Should I book in with GP again on Monday? Not sure if uti or thrush or something else. Should antibiotics have cleared it up in 3 days if was uti?

I also have diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, iron deficiency.

Don't want to seem like I'm making a fuss. Especially when water sample last week showed nothing. Dr said it could even be something I ate causing pain.

I am also using canaston cream in case thrush.

From Sarah

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Have a look at:


You may get better service and investigation and help and advice.


You say: "Don't want to seem like I'm making a fuss. Especially when water sample last week showed nothing." This only means that it shows nothing for what they tested for.

Thrush may be diet related. Certain diets produce secretions in the body which thrush likes.




The diabetes website mentions treatment should be at least a week.

Making assumption that GP combined with embarrassment is getting in the way of getting informed. None of us are medically trained and as a result do not know what symptoms are important to relay to a GP. The web sites can give information to underline and present to the GP.

Hope I have been able to be helpful.

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Pansies100 in reply to johnsmith

Thank you so much johnsmith for the research you have done for me on my behalf. Really greatful for this. And useful reading for me. Hopefully will help me to get things sorted.

Take care,


I developed sepsis last October which was caused by a kidney stone and infection. The urology surgeon said l had to take antibiotics (keforexine) for three months and if the infection didn't clear up then to take them for another six months. I'm still taking them. See your GP don't let it get as bad as I did.

Thank you johnsmith and Boriginal for your replies. Sample last Friday showed white blood cells and traces of blood. He sent it off for analysis. But in his opinion was a uti of some kind. Been on nitrofurantoin antibiotics since Friday morning.

Although the burning pain below has now left me. And I feel brighter in myself. I still have a bad stabbing pain in my right side and stomach. Antibiotic course finishes at the end of tomorrow.

I am very concerned as to why this stabbing pain is still there. It is there sitting and stabs every time I move around.

As far as I know I haven't pulled my stomach muscles. Or injured it in any way.

Not sure if need a further course of antibiotics. Or have some other complication.

Has anyone else suffered similar symptoms to this?

If no better by Friday morning I will make another appointment with my GP.

Thank you

From Sarah

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