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Acute Shoulder pain

For last 12 days, have developed acute and constant pain at a specific point on the left shoulder. Happened 2-3 days after light weight lifting at Gym. Neck x-ray shows mild cervical spondylosis , linked to age related degeneration. There is no pain in sleeping position. Otherwise it is continuous and with movement or excercise becomes severe. Hve to minimise the use of left hand due to the fear of shoulder pain flaring up!

Non steroidal anti inflammatory (NSAID) drugs tried unsuccessfully.In fact., caused havoc with the gastric system. Even painkillers not working. Ultrasound physiotherapy no benefit till date.

Will appreciate advise and guidance. I need to make make my left hand functional quickly, as in a few days time I have to undertake a foreign trip.

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Are you able to move your shoulder. I say this because 2 to 3 years ago I got frozen shoulder. I believe I got it after I had my pneumonia shot, that’s what I think but let me tell you it hurt soooo bad it would bring me to tiers. I could hardly put my jacket on and it is still stiff I can move it but not as bad as it was. I know my sister had it also but she went to PT and she worked it out but I don’t have a car and couldn’t get to PT. Frozen shoulder is when your joint in your shoulder is very hard to move I used a heating pad to loosen it up. Since you are going on a trip you should go to your doctor to get some help to get help in trying to work it out.

Good luck to you.


You need an ultrasound scan to see if you have torn a tendon, you are unlikely to "fix" it quickly as shoulders are complicated.

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You need to see an Orthopedic doctor. You may have a shoulder rotator cuff tear or impingement. If the tear is big than surgery is the best course of action. I had my shoulder operated on last July for impingement followed by PT. There's no quick fix for it, and the longer it goes untreated the worse it will get. Also, not using your hand is not good either. I would not postpone the appointment.


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