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Pain that doesn't quit

I know that everyone on here has pain. I'm new here, and this is my first post. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibro, Neuropathy, and Tarsal Tunnel, plus a few more. If you don't know what Tarsal Tunnel is, it's Carpal tunnel, but, in the feet. Anyway, here in the good old USA, they are taking our pain meds away from people like me because of the opioid epidemic here. They have cut mine by 1/3 so far. I'm in serious pain, and my back has started to lock up, usually 2-5 days at a time. I'm the one that cut out half the meds they had me on a few years ago. {another story} I really want relief, but would like to try a natural approach if at all possible. Sorry, But I can't sit and type any more right now. I'll be back.

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You poor thing that sounds very painful. When your doctor took that away what did they give you as a replacement as they can’t just take painkillers away if they helped and not replace them?

Have you tried CBD or medical cannabis? What natural remedies have you tried x


Actually, it's the government taking our "narcotic" pain meds away. The doctors have to comply, if they don't they will be fined, lose their license, and face prison. {even when they disagree} I'm allergic to Morphine, which at the moment has less restrictions. I had an appointment yesterday, in which he said my A.S. is again in its active and aggressive stage. I've had about 6 years that just stayed steady. Medical cannabis would help but, is not legal in my state; and the oil is in a holding pattern. They voted to legalize it 3 days ago, said it passed, then decided against it. So I can wait until it's legal here or move to a state where it is legal. But nowhere in the USA is it legal federally. I will take any and all suggestions, except taking illegal drugs. I wouldn't last a week in jail, let alone prison. PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN. THANK YOU ALL


Maybe it’s different in the UK then but they wouldn’t just get rid of a painkiller without giving you something else. All cannabis medical or otherwise is illigal here and if I had the chance to move somewhere where it was legal I would jump at it x


What is wrong with these doctors they take your medicine away and don’t give you anything to replace it. I with in the last 6 months I had fractured a couple of rib and I went to the ER and yes I was in pain, they wanted to give me I would say strong drugs. Well I didn’t want them because I have had them for kidney stones and I couldn’t deal with them. Then that Dr. could see I really didn’t want them so he must have talked with another doctor and he came back in and suggested Tylenol with coding so I said yes to that drug. I think they were surprised. But what I am trying to say in the ER they wanted to give me those medicine and I didn’t want them but you on the other hand who needs them they don’t give them to. I just can’t figure it out.


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