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After my medial nerve block

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So I had my nerve block yesterday... is it normal to have headache day after? Or could it be due to how het-up I got before procedure and lack of sleep?

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I think anyone who goes through the procedure would have a headache. Add in stress, lack of sleep and anticipation and you have the answer.

Hope it has worked


It is not normal to have a headache after the procedure.

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deb25426 in reply to Cjfdoc

Thank you so much for the information.. it’s lifted now although it wasn’t a bad headache it was wearing..BUT I didn’t sleep well and so was very tired, I’d also worked myself up a bit so I think it’s was due to myself stressing myself out.

For me its the dehydration, stopped water at 7am, had procedure at 12, by then I was absolutely bone dry, face flushed etc. Was even worse after hysterectomy last year and ordered a sandwich for later and couldn't eat it my mouth was so dry, just couldn't swallow, had to drink loads. It could be the dehydration, than can cause a headache.

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deb25426 in reply to Krawlins

I think it was probably that for me tbh..I could eat and drink as normal, but I didn’t have any water from bout 12ish as I didn’t want to want the procedure was 3.30 didn’t drink a lot after.. ah well we live and learn!


Can I ask what the nerve block injection was for please?

I've had 2 block nerve injections for migraine, but the procedure doesn't require any fasting or anything. Maybe because it's in the back of the head.

Would be interested to know, as I suffer with constant back pain also.

Kind regards, Catmag

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deb25426 in reply to Catmag

Mine was for back pain L3 down to S1

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deb25426 in reply to deb25426

I’m starting to feel the benefits.. still bruised but ok.

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Krawlins in reply to Catmag

I have a recurring slipped disc L5S1, sciatica and facet joint arthritis and degenerative disc disease at l2, 3 and 4. It was three weeks ago, the pain from it is beginning to wear off now but was surprised how much it hurt after, thought I'd made mistake having it done but I'm finally changing my mind as think it might be working now

Thanks Deb.

Cheers, Catmag.

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