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chronic stinging pain - left side lower back

Hail. My back pain emanates from a muscle in the left side buttock. The stinging pain (often excruciating) radiates upwards beyond my hip. I have had countless injections to reduce the pain all to no avail. I get very frustrated and depressed with this depletion of energy. Recently at a wedding I had a brief conversation with a doctor. He suggested that the Myers Cocktail might ease my pain. The Myers Cocktail is where a 'boost' of vitamins is given to the patient intravenously. To obtain the optimal level, a course of four procedures would be required. Not cheap - each injection averages around £275.00. Has anyone heard of the Myers Cocktail? Has anyone benefitted from this treatment?

Any gels, creams out there that might alleviate the pain? I'd appreciate any recommendations. Thank you. MQ7. Essex.

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What is your root cause?


Hi Mike, I'm a bit confused. Why are you going to someone who would charge £275 for injections? What was your GP's advice/diagnosis? Have you had x-rays/MRI? You don't say what was being injected or, as pata asks, what the cause of the pain is. Did the doctor you chatted to say why a vitamin deficiency could result in the pain you describe or why it would only be on one side?

To be totally blunt it sounds like expensive quackery to me. The NHS isn't perfect and maybe you have had some bad experience with it, but if the Myers Cocktail is only available on private prescription I would want to be very clear about why.

In terms of creams etc. Volterol and ibuprofen gels are effective for many people. If the tablet form of either upsets your stomach, go easy with the gel as I found my stomach didn't like the gel either.

Most of all, don't just fork out £1000+ on some injections without proper investigation of the cause. It sounds such a bizarre thing to do I'm wondering even as I write this, whether your post is just a wind up.


From what I understand about 'myers cocktail' not sure if it would do anything for your pain.. It could be that a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals, i.e. magnesium/ protein imbalance can exacerbate pain?? Have you thought about looking at your diet?

Just wondering if the pain is caused by the sacroilliac joint. Have you had any xrays to determine the cause. Sometimes back/ hip problems become evident as we get older as the supporting muscles in the lower back get weaker. If you can, it might pay you to do some lower back strengthening exercises ( gently!)

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Hi Mike. I am puzzled as to why I vitamin deficiency would cause pain in just one area of your body. Really ?

What have you been told is the cause of the pain and what injections have you had already ?


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