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Pain in ribs/chest and aching back: I'm new here!

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this site and just wanted to get an opinion, i'm aware i need to go to a doctor but just waiting to see if the pain subsides before i do. Also, sorry for the essay!

About a week and a half ago I started to randomly get chest pains in the middle of my chest and towards the right side (around the centre). It isn't a constant pain and comes and goes but I haven't been through a whole day yet without experiencing it. When i first got the pain i put it down to a bit of anxiety as my partner had said my heart was beating fast so I started worrying about it all the time which caused palpitations, they have now stopped as my anxiety has subsided but the pain in my chest is still there. It doesn't get worse with physical activity but i can feel it more if i twist my body or put my arm up to get something, and it definitely feels tender around the area when i press my breast bone and the ribs around the area that hurts.

I'm not nauseous, sweaty or dizzy but my body feels very achy (mainly my lower back and my neck - the type of pain as if you've slept funny and a long hard day when your back is aching at the end of it), especially after i've been working. My job is very stressful and i tend to find that on the more stress inducing shifts the pain in my chest can be slightly worse and i feel ill (weak, a bit of a sore throat etc). I also randomly get numbness in both of my arms, the kind of feeling you have after you've had an injection.

Does this sound familiar to anyone of what it could be? If it helps, it seemed to come on after i had a particularly bad hangover (vomiting, lots of acidic beverages etc) and i have also had a very painful period over the past week too (which i originally contributed to the back pain), i also feel very gassy most of the time too!

Thanks for reading :-)

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Could be a number of things going on including a chest infection so if I was you I would visit my doctor and ask for a full check up. Hope you feel better soon. X


I do think discussing these symptoms with a doctor is your best bet. No one here can diagnose even if similar symptoms have been experienced.



The start of shingles??


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