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How do I study with back pain?

While studying, students spend the majority of their time sitting on a desk or leaning over the laptop or computer, which is the predominant cause of back pain.

Some of the lower back pain solutions with Pain Alleviator and remedies while studying include:

Avoid slouching and maintain the right body posture.

Keep your head in an upright position.

Use a supportive chair that will hold the pressure of your back and make it easy to sit for hours in front of your computer or desk.

It is highly recommended to work on personal computer rather than a laptop, because the screen of monitor is at arm length.

Take breaks after every half an hour and go outside to inhale fresh air and do short stretch exercises.

These above mentioned actions are some of the best lower back pain solutions.

For the next time, write a plan of action for your study timetable including study breaks, time for exercise, and time for doing enjoyable stuff; be it a conversation with your friend on a phone call or enjoying your favorite series.

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There are apps which will lock your screen every so often (you pick how long), which forces you to take a break.


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