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Muscle/tendon pain question

Hello, I am new here and wonder if anyone else has my symptoms and knows what's going on... I am going to use muscle here but it may be the tendon... At first I thought I overextended my right arm and just babied it as best I could. So for about 6 months... I would do something as simple as pull the pillow over and bam! The upper muscle in my arm sends shooting pains into my fingertips and everywhere in-between. I can easily use my arm for lifting and such with no pain what-so-ever, but if I move it the wrong way, my whole world stops for about 5 minutes! Then the pain goes away. The muscle always has a very dull pain that heightens slightly when I touch it. ... well another symptom showed up about 1 month ago... it's on the outer muscle below my left knee, just a pain that won't go away, it too feels like I pulled a tendon. Some days are worse then others. BUT the final straw that made me look up what could be going on is the same muscle in my left arm started doing what my right arm has been suffering. Any suggestions on what it could be and where I should start looking?

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Go and get yourself examined at the doctors, I have a lot of trouble with my tendons and it's called tenosynovitus, you must refrain immediately from any strain that aggravates it more, it's a dreadful pain and I can fully sympathise , but you must go and get examined, you probably also need a course of physio too .. Get a proper diagnosis .. Good luck.


A doctors visit or a physiotherapist is the route to go. Nobody here can diagnose and after 6 months there may be all sorts of additional problems related to the original injury.

Go very soon. It's clearly not going to get better on its own.



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