Hi all new here.

I have been struggling with social anxiety for many years now, and anxiety in its self is taking over my life. On top of that I suffer from really bad migraines. Doctor has prescribed Prograne beta blockers that I must say are helping me manage the headaches and the anxiety. I have been experiencing some hot flushes in both arms recently, it feels like someone is pouring hot water down into my veins. I can also get a little sweaty when this happens. Has anyone who takes beta blockers experienced this? It does scare me when it happens. Thanks for taking the time to read my concern. Craig

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  • HI there social anxiety has been a problem for me too over the years. even though I was quite able to stand on a stage and sing and play guitar to 100 people. I love nothing more than one to one conversations but don't do well with a room full of people. there's nothing wrong with us its just the way we are. I don't beat myself up about it now and just don't put myself in them situations anymore. I am older now and I can think things through. Just remember there's nothing wrong with you just because you don't like a room full of people talking at the same time, some people struggle if they have to chat to you one to one which I have always felt at my most comfortable Good Luck Tony.

  • Thanks Tony for the kind and reassuring words.

  • ok mate good luck.

  • I'm having counselling/hypno

  • I hate all things social. I go now because I'm told it's good for me and I have an other half that loves that stuff. It does get easier with practice, still would rather stay home. I found initially that to " practice" in my head beforehand helped me, not the conversations but how to arrive, enter a room, keep my head up, look at folks, all that kind of stuff. It got me through the doors! People love listeners! My confidence has grown, migraines have lessened. I can go anywhere now without fretting. But I'd still rather not!!!!!!!

    Best wishes. X

  • The hot flushes ect is part of the anxiety! on reading about your migraines.... ive noticed mine have in increased in the past 12months to 5 a month...... a years worth! sorry cant help with more advice! take care!

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