Why have the NHS left me like this

I don't understand why the NHS have left me like this. I've bin in pain for year. Lost everythin. My job which I loved. All my gp is doin is givin me pills after pills

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  • Sorry you are in pain but here to help if I can.

    If you want to say a bit more about your pain, meds and what treatment you have received - then i may be able to comment more

    Pat x

  • Similar thing happened to me. Got a diagnosis the same week as losing my job. Took a year on waiting to see consultant and x-ray etc so I know how you feel x

  • I used to feel like this, my GP shrugged his shoulders & said "You shouldn't be in so much pain". Which is pretty f**king unhelpful! (language is justified) Not asking who or how your pain is so bad.

    Since then I've had some decent doctors (and some bad ones), who have got me on better medication, plus I've lean't techniques such meditation so the pain is much more under control. To the extent that most days it doesn't actually bother me.

    Has your GP referred you to specialists?

  • Ya chest specialist. I even paid for private pain doc but she said she wouldn't help me. I've bin to every doc in the place.im scared and frightened on how my life is gonna turn out.my life is over

  • Have you had any kind of x-rays if not maybe you should. Something needs to be done to be diagnosed instead of more pills.

  • I had many X-rays. I had a ct. I have lung nodules.which I need a another ct scan next year.facet joint in back is thin.

  • Demand he gets you referred to the Rheumatologist.

  • Had bone scan all fine

  • Which bone scan? Isotope?

    Have you had MRI scan?

    OR DXA bone scan to eliminate Osteoporosis?

    Do you know what your Vitamin D levels are and Calcium? What blood tests have you had?

    What diagnosis have you had for the nodules on lung?

    You can ask your GP for copies of your blood tests results. Ask receptionist for a print out.

    You can apply to the Hospital for a copy of your medical records. I didn't pay the fee because I applied within 40 days of last being seen.


  • Had ct scan.bone scan was a dxa. The specialist said he doesn't know the nodules are. How can he not no????? His a doc !!!! I have to have another scan.iron levels are low. Had the chest ones FBC.

  • I don't understand why Rockstar, but I didn't receive a notification of your reply. Only saw it this morning. Was unable to reply then. Saw your messages also this morning, sorry. Don't understand the delay.


  • I think nodules can mean different things. I am not medically qualified, but read on the Internet that some are benign. Do you know the size of nodules?

    Could you write to the Consultant and ask for an earlier follow up scan. March is more than 4 months after your last scan anyway.xx

  • No the doctor won't tell me

  • My last scan was sept I've already had 3.i ask the doc what they are he said he didn't no

  • You have a right to know

  • Doctor won't tell you?

    Report this - doctor can't refuse.

    Also you can get copies of your hospital records - including all scan reports, pictures, blood test results - and see for yourself. That's the only way I found out what I have. You can fight this.

    Is GP treating you for the iron deficiency? Iron pills can cause digestive problems and so can many of the strong pain meds. This can intensify pain if side effects aren't treated.

  • If you decide to see a Specialist privately then I would strongly suggest getting copies of all your medical Records first including CD of scans, xrays. Then do photo copies of all scan, xray and blood test reports for Private doc.

    Where are you in UK? England? I am in Wales , some rules are different here but same legislation applies to the right to apply for copies of Medical Records under Data Protection Act.

  • Do you have a neologist I think you need to get another doctor involved who can put in his/her input. I don’t want to sound like someone who thinks of changing doctors ever time something changes. I had to change my doctor because he was saying I had woman problems and I had to go in and say I either have MS or lime disease I ended up having MS. This is why I say look for another doctor.

    Good luck


  • I don't no how I can see another doc, I've seen every doctor in the place

  • Ask for referral to pain management, it may help

    Hugs Liz

  • Saw a pain doctor she wouldn't touch me.i paid out saw a bmi doctor.

  • WoW, its, its ludicrous, how do these doctors keep going as they do, you said you tried going private, from my own experience, going first to NHS because i was not getting anywhere, i went private and got the answers to my questions, i then went to my GP only to be told my diagnosis was worthless and i cried real tears Lol, he had to then referred me all over again , it was the same Dr who i got the diagnosis from lmao.

    Good luck xx


  • It's the system I can't c it getting any better.

  • I know and it’s so wrong that are letting the sick and disabled suffer more and more, it’ll probably not get any better for a while, they need Doctors Now, need plenty more nurses too. Nighty night and get some rest at the least.


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