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nexplanon birth control concern?

hi guys,

i’ve been having bad cramps the past few days & started spotting this morning.

i had nexplanon inserted in july of this year (so about 4 months) and i haven’t had a period for about a month and a half, but will randomly have bouts of cramps & spotting and it’s starting to concern me. i’m still a virgin, but i’m so scared I could be pregnant because my boyfriend & i have done other intimate things.

does anyone know anything about the implant? if you have the implant, what has been your experience with it?

thank you so much for the help.

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Hi,pleae don't worry 're pregnancy,virtually impossible esp as you have the implant. Irregular,absent even periods are however very common with this ,especially at 1st,but I'd strongly advise you to seek advice from the family planning clinic,or the person who prescribed it,they can explain how it works ,also get condoms while your there ,as you may get carried away,safe sex isn't just about pregnancy,not at all in fact,even if your both virgins ,they protect you from cervical cancer too,or more accurately the virus that causes it (invisible) among other things

Pregnancy is not likely ,unless your boyfriend ejaculates inside you,or right outside your vagina,(possible too) plain and simple !

Cramps,spotting are normal too,it lists not bleeding as a side effect and spotting,hope this reassures you


Thank you so much!


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