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Pain in lower back and left shoulder

I've been experiencing this pain for almost 2 years now and it's getting worse where my back completely locks and the pain in my left shoulder becomes so intense I can't stand it 😞 I was on a lot of medication but I stopped taking the medication I didn't feel worked and stayed on just cocodamol and gabapentin. I do however now have been given an appointment for pain clinic after I begged for a referral (which I believe should of been offered to me a longtime ago before I asked) can anyone tell me if they experience the same pain and what it could be as it's very worrying to me.

Many Thanks

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So thinking of you


Hi to cut my story short.I fell through floor board early in year.I had fractured l wrist and damaged my back Mr I showed I had damaged 3 discs lumber spine with nerve root impingement 3 levels.For 20 years I have had a bulges disc from lifting dressing table.Had pain killing injections physio .Now referred pain clinc after seeing MSK Team.Being feeling unwell and in so much pain.My DR sent me to have bloods taken this was last Thursday .Friday I had phone call to see him on Friday.He said bloods results showed I had tested positive for 3 red flags or markers .I have a condition called polymyalsia Rheumatica it is attacking my immune system tested high for pain also Swelling and Inflamation.It is attacking all muscles in my body.I now have to walk with stick I had hiking stick.My Dr had put me on steroids for 2 weeks .He is ringing me Tues Wed see how I'm doing.I am much better .My pain swelling and stiffness have eased of as well.I also have bursitis both shoulders had pain killing injections didn't work I couldn't move shoulders arms above waist level.I am so pleased I am feeling much better.My Dr said he ordered different Blood Tests as he said I shouldn't have been in so much pain as I was .He also said stiffness both shoulders and could hardly move my legs.Maybe if your in a lot of pain ask for a blood test I now know why it was affecting my whole body.I would like to ask people who have this condition how they coped or if on Steroids.I have done a few posts on this website not had many replies. Cheers Chrishawr


Hi, I'm so sorry about what has happened 😞 I'm glad they have finally found out and are sorting this. I have a bulged disc and had 3 lumbar punctures, been in hospital a few times but we're still no closer to the root 😞 my blood sugar levels are very low, the 3rd lumbar puncture didn't go well and since then my left shoulder and right leg keeps going on me and suffer pins and needles in them. My first pain clinic is in October so I will ask them about the bloods thank you for the advice I really appreciate it. As for coping, I don't, especially now it's getting colder it seems to be getting worse 😞 so I'm only on pain relief and medication for nerve damage and it's not helping so that's when I referred myself to pain clinic. Please let me know how you get on next week and good luck


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