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facet joint L5-S1

I have had this symptom for 14 years got diagnosed in December 2014 by a physiotherapist at holy cross hospital so I now do a exercise regime in a hydrotherapy pool which works as you gain muscle to help with your conditions and now I have found a painkiller that works for me is tramulief sr 100mg twice a day so mine is 9am and 9pm I now sleep for around 8hrs give or take sometimes it could be 6hrs or 7 hrs before that it was 4hrs or 5hrs but have to make sure you do not over do it rest

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Wow wolfdog this is excellent news and long may it continue. The pool is a great place to strengthen muscles without too much pain!

Pacing yourself is a huge part of managing your pain. Rest before you start hurting which is often hard.

Thanks for sharing this good news with us



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