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Stuck in pain ! If I sleep on my left side I can't walk when I awake. HELP if anyone has had this problem please write me a post. Thanks

Hi, I'm 51 and have a problem with my right leg, when I sleep on my left side I wake up not being able to walk my right leg is stiff and I have severe pain in my hip and it feels like someone poured cement down my leg. The pain is unbearable. I found this site and was reading a post from 4 years ago from teddy bear 12 and it sounds like what I've been dealing with. I have degenerative back disease and have a morphine pump in my right hip. The pump helps with back pain and lumbar radiculpathy with cervical radiculpathy and very severe chronic intractable pain. I was hoping that there is someone out there going through the same and might have some advice. Thanks

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If you type teddybear12 in the little box at the top the post is still here with all the replies.

That may help you but I am sorry I can't offer anything more



hi All jaxed up ........I suffer with very similar.....I had a stroke in my teens (left side affected) left me with a gait that irritated my hips and knee. I have had 2 hip replacements both sides in my late 40's and a right knee replacement. I take oramorph as well as slow release morphine. I can't remember when I had 4 hours sleep without having discomfort and pain. On most occasions when I wake I have to get out of bed. When I stand it takes some time to get balanced. I also get a lot of 'pins and needles' from my little bits of research I believe this is because of nerve issues when weight bearing on my side in bed. Muscle spasm also causes uncontrolled movement advice would be to talk to a neuro physiotherapist, I have found they are a great resource and certain exercise can help in small quantities to help strengthen muscles around nerve areas. Give them a try ? Let me know how you get on and if the magic fairy that leaves things under my pillow comes up with something that helps I will let you know ;-)

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