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Perineural fibrosis of sciatic nerve

Can anyone help explain why,along with sciatica I also get severe muscular and ligament pain as well as being much more prone to falls because me core muscle don't work despite initially recovering during extensive physiology post op.

I had a disc decompression on L5S1 4 years ago after awaiting surgery for 9 months in severe pain. I now have above condition and am registered as 'disable' because of the pain I'm often in and lack of mobility that accompanies it. However I don't understand why I'm affected so severely when it was just a herniated disc and many people recover with no symptoms. Does anyone else have the same condition?

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Quite often when you have an injury it will leave that area with a bit of swelling or tenderness that can stay with you permanently. L5 & S1 Injuries cause refered pain down the front of thighs which is where the ligament runs down the front of legs. In the past I've had injections for pain in L5 & S1 area which have helped my back but have done nothing to help the pain in my legs so I don't bother with them any more.


Just wondering if you have had non nhs physiotherapy as from my experience nhs physiotherapy not very hands on, you could have trigger points preventing the muscles working at their full capacity. It could be worth a try if you haven't already. I'd also recommend Pilates, I found a class with a physiotherapist and the class was designed for people with mobility/health problems.

Also......just a theory. About 8 years ago I had severe back spasms which left me needing 4 months of hydrotherapy and 5 months physio (NHS) even to this day I'm sure those muscles remember. Any movement more than a shuffle and they tighten painfully, it's as if they remember and are over protective....just a theory but it's best way I can describe my back muscular pain.

Good luck finding a solution



Hi Joane,

I am reading your reply i believe for hydrotherapy can help to ease the pain. i am still looking for this hydrotherapy for disabled near me for my husband but i could not find it.


I had hydrotherapy at hospital in Poole NHS. You could maybe ask your gp. Hydrotherapy was lovely, really warm water like a bath, made movements so much easier.

Hope you find one and get to give it a try


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