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In despair

Suffering chronic pain, was on Amitriptyline 150mg each night. Have been taken off it now. I ended up suffering extremely dry mouth, sore gums and then got bad ulcers on my tongue. Have been off Amitriptyline for about 2 weeks now, feeling so much pain, don't sleep, last 3 days feeling nauseated, can't stand the smell of food. Specialist took me off it because I am on WorkCover, solicitor took my case to court for dental problems the Amitriptyline caused. Feeling in bad despair, can anyone help me or offer any advice?

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i am loathe to post or help anyone these days because the response is not always welcome, and i am critised a lot for my belief in natural or

herbal products, but your pain, is it inflammation? if so, what about

taking something like curcumin- a derivative of turmeric, you can look it up yourself, you will need to make sure it has piperines ie black pepper

to activate it you canlook thatup yourself as well-- piperines, or buy biocurcumin, dont get a cheap pot it wont work. also make sure you can take it with big pharm meds........... i think is a good site. or look up natural inflammatories. co enzyme q 10, will or should help your teeth and gums, look that up yourself as well.

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Thank you so much, I welcome any help I can get at the moment. Will look up what your suggesting, thanks again


Thank you for your help and advice, I will give your recommendations a try, anything is worth trying at this point of time.


Hi rainy

So sorry to read of your problems with Amitrptyline. You say your specialist took you off it and I wonder could you try to get an appointment with him to discuss other pain relief options as your now suffering?. X


I called him, but did not get any other help. Had facet joint injections yesterday, I am hoping that will give me some relief.


rainy-- if you do go the herbal route can you please let me know how you are doing thanks.


Will do. Had injections yesterday so I will see how it works out, then look at the herbal remedies


Hey there. I was put pn Amitryptiline for combined nerve pain and depression. It dropped my BP so much that my legs became so weak that I dropped to the ground and badly broke my leg. Needed nails and screws. On Christmas eve. Not used it since - obviously. Anyway, what is your pain caused by, if you don't mind me asking?


So sorry for late reply, I was put on it for nerve pain, have 2 impingements in my spine along with osteoarthritis and facet joint problems. I am sure they put me on it as well to help me sleep better, as also suffering chronic depression.


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