Update on steroid injections

I am giving a quick update to anyone who would like to know.

Day 3 and the soreness is minimal and the pain in my shoulder is minimal from injections but not in my neck. I can barely move it sideways and it feels like I have pulled a muscle or something.

One thing I have noticed is so far I have not had headache which is a plus for me because headaches or pressure has been a problem for me at the back of my head.

Many thanks for reading

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  • I'm pleased the soreness is minimal but the remainder doesn't sound good - hope it improves for you.

  • So do I as it's quite bad. Thank you so much for replying 😊

  • Give it a few more days before worrying about your neck. There are some muscles in your neck that run over your shoulders and there may still be some imflamation which is actually good, it means that the blood is there trying to help heal.

    And no headache must be a relief, I hope it lasts a long time!

  • Hello and thanks for the reply, the pain in my neck still hurts but I am baring with it. The pain at the base of my neck is now the worst it's been in a long time but even the relief I already have has made me a happier person x

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