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Pain in my right arm

Hello my lovelies, sorry I've not been here for a while:) I've been trying to sort out my life and to understand whats happening to me..... I will like to ask if anyone has suffer intense arm to shoulder pain before. It started suddenly yesterday night and it was so intense that i could not lie still. Had a horrible night it was combine dose of every pain tablets that finally sent me to sleep. I've got Fibromyalgia and have not experienced this kind of pain before and i wake just now still having the pain.... Help!

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Pressing on a nerve in the neck maybe. Muscle cramp in the shoulder blades which pulls the vertebrate in the neck onto nerve roots. An infection which has caused swelling in tissue with resulting pressure on nerve roots.

You need to see you GP and a chiropractor. Pain killers attempt to deal with pain. They do not deal with what causes the pain.


Yes I've booked appointment for next week thanks


hi i just started suffering with severe pain in my right shoulder(as far as i know come from nowhere). just been to gp given strong pain killer and anti inflamitory. did mention something like"septica"?. didnt quite get it as he had strong irish accent. was also told should pay a visit to Aand E. but pain killers worked first 18 hours. but makes you extremely drowsy. will be taking second full dose tonight see how it goes. if no luck will be down hospital first thing am. let you know what happens asap.


Gosh I've just posted about a very similar problem, my shoulder started at night too and at first I wondered if I had slept funny or pulled it in the night but it's just got worse. I think it maybe a frozen shoulder but I'm not sure . Hope you feel better soon x


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