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Long term nerve pain

I've been suffering for the past 4 years with sharp pains in my neck. Over the past 2 years this has got worse, I developed loss of sensation two of my fingers and pins and needles down my right arm. I was refferred to a neurosurgeon and had an MRI scan this confirmed some minor irritation on my C6/C7, it was not a point where he wanted to intervene.

Since the scan I have been seeing physiotherapists weekly which has helped strengthen my neck muscles but my symptoms are getting worse. Last week I was admitted to hospital due to a severe headache on one side of my head and partical loss of vision in my right eye. This resulted in CT scans and ended with a lumber puncture as it was suspected I had a bleed on my brain. Luckily this was clear and my pain was put down to my neck.

The lumber puncture has now left me bed bound due to post lumbar headaches which are incredibly painful when standing up.

I'm completely fed up if taking the many pills daily (18) to try and control the pains. Has anyone else had the same or similar and found a way to control or reduce it?

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Yes I live with it daily, will write a proper post to you possibly later telling you how I manage it, too sore now, best Alex

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I suffer from spinal stenosis, 5 neurological disorders and anxiety and depression, as well as migraines. I do know that some medications have given me non stop pressure pain migraines for months. The way to stop the headache is to stop the med. I recently had to stop carafate, a gastric med. In the past, topamax, crestor, synthroid, and sinus meds have had to be eliminated. I would read up on the side effects of all those meds you are using. Good luck and God bless!


Strengthening neck muscles is maybe not helpful. The head needs to balance on top of the spine. When the head is balanced on top of the spine there is very little muscular energy needed. Big strong neck muscles can pull things out of alignment which in turn will irritate nerve roots and shoulder joints.

Gone on to youtube and look for "carrying goods on head". This shows the balance of the head on the spine that you need to develop.

Hope this is useful.


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