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Sagittal Imbalance

I have spent a fortune, with my hip DR. @ Neurologist and ! back surgeon. This also includes 2 MRI's. And keep getting the message that my spine in not in bad enough shape to operate. To make a long story short, along with all the back pain I have fallen about 5 times, I time it was bad enough I had to go to the emergency room to get my knee sewed up, the second time was a bloody nose on a tile floor. this last time it was 2 black eyes and the nose and a large bump on my forehead. This all took place in the bathroom.

My own diagnosis is the Sagittal Imblance with all these symptoms, low back pain, difficulty walking and the inability to continually look straight a head when standing upwright. This can also cause chronic pain, fatigue and difficulty with daily task, pressue on spinal nerves, leading to leg weakness and numbness. Some causes of Sagittal Imblance progress or get worse over time : severe cases can cause difficulty with breathing, This is me, especially when walking I am bent over so bad.I can't catch my breath and my heart is racing. I would like any feedback on this condition. I anyone has this condition? What was done for it?

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Have you been to see a chiropractor or an osteopath who could look ,at your posture and walking and see if there are issues with these things that are making your spine problems worse. Often pain in areas of the spine for a long time can cause an in balance in the way one moves or holds oneself. Often long term postural mistakes can become fixed resulting in additional problems. I speak from experience.

I am not aware of the other condition you mentioned but I would be wary of self diagnosis via the Internet !



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