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Looking for physiotherapy for possible neuropathy

Hello, I am new here and on a long waiting list to get diagnosed on NHS, another two months to go. There was a mistake in the doctor's surgery so I am having to wait 4 months instead of 3. I think I have inflamed nerves in arms and legs. I have done the rounds of quite a few private physiotherapists, unfortunately it took a whole year before I found a physiotherapist who figured it was a nerve problem (although I was sure it was straight away!) . I also saw a private specialist who gave me a very rushed diagnosis of dystonia in my hands and fibromyalgia in the rest of my body, but no proper tests were done and I don't actually think he is necessarily right.

Can anyone recommend good private healthcare people who I can see while waiting for NHS tests? I am particularly looking for a good physio.

Thank you.


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btw I Iive in Glasgow.


hi zech,yep it's a pity that there's been a mix up with your appointments,and waiting for a diagnosis may seem an eternity,the best form of physiotherapy is swimming,it's non loading on your body and at the same time your muscles are being exercised gently,it all depends on what you fell comfortable with,the human body is a home built gymnasium where any form exercise is possible,and once you've seen a physiotherapist you'll be sent on your way with exercises to do at your leisure,it all depends on what pains and how much you can do,as your probably aware the NHS is overstretched and if you don't get any results from the first set of tests you might have several more months of head scratching before you get a definitive answer as nerve damage is very difficult to find sometimes,you can have all the symptoms and yet still not get a diagnosis,hopefully you'll get to some conclusion and move forward with your life,good luck

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I would suggest looking in yellow pages (Hope I'm allowed to say that) as I had a problem looking for a better type of Acupuncturist years ago and found a consultant Acupuncturist by looking in yellow P. There is no way I would found him otherwise. Read and re read the advert they put in, check their qualifications on line, then get in contact with them and ask questions such as length of experience, Experience in your condition, how many years of training before you get the answers you need to make an appt to see them.


There's a very good physio in anstey leicester name of an gie robinson


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