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Moskowitz Plasticity: Brain Maps

My 30 year old son is suffering from severe nerve pain following misdiagnosed compartment syndrome in his right arm.

The pain is all but paralytic and his life has done a 180 degree turn. He is on high morphine dose, and has monthly lidocaine infusion which have become less effective over time. He has tried combination of anti-depressants/anti-seizure drugs. All caused more and severe problems.

I have read about Moskowitz brain pain maps. has anyone tried them?

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I have a 30 year old son. So sweet and special he is to me. My thoughts and prayers are going out to you and your family. God bless.


Many thanks Foxgal17. You are very kind. Best wishes to you and your son


I haven't tried them but I do know from my academic background that the brain is plastic, and we can change it. The thing is, what has your son got to lose? If he tries it and it makes things worse, then stop. If it makes things better, then this is a good thing. There are things that you can do to look out for quacks, such as checking quack watch (Moskowitz doesn't seem to be listed there) and apply the red flag system that Dorothy Bishop from Oxford University has devised. It was meant to help parents with children who have dyslexia choose a good intervention, but it works for other things too:


If what your son is currently doing isn't working and causing harm, then it is time to try something else.


Thanks for your input cyberbarn.

My son is always willing to try anything which will give him a break from relentless nerve pain.

He has been reading a lot on brain plasticity but would like to know if anyone else has actually applied the theories and therapy of brain plasticity to reduce nerve pain.

I believe there are pain control therapies in the US which are based on brain pain maps.

He/we will continue to study pain maps in order to get some relief from this agonising condition.

Of course we will report on our progress and look forward to getting feedback from fellow suffers.


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