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Bad back

Hi I'm Anna I have a really bad back and can't move hardly. It takes me 20 Mins to get off the sofa and a really long time to walk or even start too. I'm in pain I walk with sticks as my back is unsteady I feel shaky too I've had it for 1 week.

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Have you seen a medical professional at all? What sort of pain medication are you taking?


We can't make any diagnosis but as previously said...see your GP, get some pain meds to help if only a bit. Maybe anti inflammatory. He will hopefully examine you and after prescribing something see how you are in a week. If no better than possibly an Xray or further tests. Meantime a hot water bottle helps. Or frozen peas wrapped in tea towel but don't use on pain area for longer than 20 mins.

Over the counter can help if you can't get a GP appointment. Speak with your pharmacy/

Good Luck



Maybe you need exercises to relieve the pain, medication is not the only answer and usually only works for a few weeks anyway

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I agree with Pacemaker that you must keep your muscles in good working order because favouring your back too much causes more weakness and put's pressures onto areas that in the long term can cause more pain, don't let it affect your resolve to do thing's because you can get over the counter pain meds to see you through till you have had a good examination by a doctor or two best Alex, Oh and I don't like Hidden post's they are suspect.


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