suffer with chest wall pain. Ot inflammation of the cartlige. Off to the drs this afternoon. Ive try iburphen tabs and rub, cooling gel heat cream none of that seems to work. Also the pain is moving about. Its start in my right breast area then it moved to above my right breast now its in the center of my chest just below collar bone. Im suffering great anxiety over this im at my wits end.

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  • Hope the GP was able to help. I have unfortunately​ have had this fur years. All over tenderness across the rib cage area but the intense psi. Like yours tends to change area. It is the sort of own that can really get you down, some days even wearing a vest seems to make it more painful. I actually found that using a cooling gel helps me rather than. warmth.x

  • yes a prefer to cooling gels and pad to heat. Ive actually got a reaction now on my chest from using iburprofen gel. So not great right now having to deal with the soreness of that now. Its the worst never felt anything like this it does get you down

  • My friend who had always been fit honestly thought she had heart trouble when she was struck down with costo. We spent 6 hours at the hospital having her checked out as her GP was concerned. When the doctor at the hospital said "it was ONLY costo" I could cheerfully hit him. Blatently obvious he had never had it.x

  • ive been a mess for 2 months with it. Muscles hurt in arms i have a lot of tension with it though and the way i hold myself because of it. Been drs monday just because it was affecting collarbone area but they said just to keep on with meds if needed and my new beat friend cooling gel

  • I started buying the cooling gel in a large pot over the internet as I found those little tubes from the chemist although good to carry in handbag very expensive for ladeling it on it the quantities needed.

    Yes when you have it the pain can get extreme and you understandably start to tense up which as you have found out starts to affect all the connecting muscles. Unfortunately as you have found out they are a bit limited with cures. I have found very gentle stretching exercises and i mean gentle can sometimes ease some of the tight muscles. Good luck.x

  • i also have started buying cooling gel online . Its from german lol which i didnt know until it came but it fantastic really especially for the muscles affected. I guess we just have to hang in there and enjoy the good days. Thatnk rosewine good luck to you also. Xx

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