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Intense chronic pain neuropathy and CBD+thc when does it help?


Been on a 1-1 ratio. Did zero. Got an1-20 and nothing. My hands are beyond excruciating pain. Any help with knowing about how long it takes to see if it works? I will not do this much longer. No life. Pain 24/7 and never lets up for a min.

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What other treatments have you tried so far?

And what are your main symptoms? Also is there a known cause to your neuropathy or have you noticed any activities that make it worse?

I've been through it all. Meds, lidocaine infusion made it this bad. Many tests. A lot. Symptoms are stinging, burning, needles at 100mph can't touch anything, not eating much cuz can't hold a utensil. Can't cook, clean, anything you can think of that involves your hands...only on fire nonstop

But is the pain only in your hands then? And how did the pain originally start it sounds like severe nerve damage to me I'm not an expert but chronic pain as a result of gaulty nerve endings doesn't usually only apply to one specific body part e.g. I get chronic pain in my back hips legs knees ankles arms shoulders and finger tips (widespread neuropathy) have you tried any muscle relaxants? Odd question but methacarbomol helped me for a short period of time granted it got worse after but bare in mind most medications either hide the pain or relax your muscles for a certain amount of time and when it wares off all the pain that couldn't get through can come flooding back... it's possible that the pain feels worse but isn't in the sense that having been in pain for so long you grew accustomed then once the painkillers reduced it when it came back it felt worse because you could feel the full scale again. Same with muscle relaxants for me once my muscles tense again the pain is amplified significantly

Also on fire is not a description I've heard often have your Dr's considered an intolerance to something? Tried any creams? Does putting them in cold water help? I'm thinking the thc+cbd aren't going to work but people can try hundreds of drugs before they find the right ones and sometimes it takes the right combination I suggest going back to your neurologist and seeing if they can figure out the underlying cause? Perhaps it can be reduced simply by a diet change, stress reduction or a combination it always amazes me the things people say have helped I wouldn't give up just yet

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Oh on Fire slippingintochous is honestly horrific. Ginakins described it mildly. Compare two images.

A burning candle.

A Flaming Forest Fire.

A Flaming Forest Fire is the severe Nerve damage that I could not have imagined. My nerves inside my Spinal Cord are damaged and sticking together. It's Burning Hell.

It truly is.

I've never asked about muscle relaxers before you mentioned it. Makes a bit of sense because the pain is so bad one cannot relax. Sleep does not Come with this Pain. It does not allow for sleep.

It literally is Burning Hell. And to be perfectly honest with you slippinginto cause, I wish there was a way Pain Management Physicians could "catch it" or "Get it" just for a day, no they deserve a week - mayby more.

This pain is so Under Treated and the Intractable Pain never ceases.


Bless you and yours ☺

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Probably not highly recommended but I use my anxiety med with my muscle relaxants and sometimes also with my painkillers to get to sleep. So lorazepam and methocarbamol both have drowsy side effects usually puts me to sleep if not I take a dihydrocodeine but only when I'm desperate for sleep as I can go for days sometimes without sleeping!

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Sounds like complex regional pain syndrome l have it and it is at the top of the worldwide used McGill pain index yet even consultants n gp haven't heard of it. I was diagnosed in 2009 and l got 3 phonecalls from the pain Clinic to review me????? I haven't been seen or treated by pain team since l now have it in right leg and have to wear moonboot crutches lost driving licence n need to move home. It used to be known as RSD l have never been seen by a neurologist as they all said in my head so sent to psychologists n psychiatrists who disagreed with their mental health assumptions but been 11years of pain n lost out on most of my 30's but now l am getting lawyers involved as the neglect and things written in my medical notes like "take what she says with a pinch of salt" to a gynae after scan showed 2 masses and other abnormalities. Im a qualified sports coach development officer and sports physio, massage n reflexologist so l know about anatomy and physiology so I have all my records and found out things you couldn't make up in your worst nightmares. I will now be the NHS worst nightmare as they have ruined my life. Don't give up guys l've tried hanging myself and overdosed on morphine 2 diff occasions...... no crys for help!!! I was beat with pain n exhausted trying get help n noone believing me. I had be revived when l was accidentally found both times then in intensive care n l was so disappointed when it didn't work. I won't try it again as lm worth fighting for even psychologist told me get lawyers says it's horrendous how l have been treated n l dont have any mental disorders but l say God help folk who do have if this is how they are treated. It doesn't take money to fix these problems it takes a good gp and consultants to treat every patient as they would like a member of their own family to be treated. God Bless, prayers going up for all of us. Deb x

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Debsreed; you are worth it. We all are deservent of a Good GP. This nonsense that "some" write needs to be STOPPED at its initional point and any Physician caught lying on "visits" and you see falsehoods written in your records should be reported.

In Canada our medical records only can be transferred with our written consent. But we can't control the secret phones calls The only reason they Lie is to "protect themselves". It's up to us to stop this false behavior by confrontation. Take a taperecorder. (Not legal unless the "Doctor" is informed and take notes. If you're not taking the recording into a Court Room say; Nothing other than "why Dr. So and so do/did make thrse false statements about me? Let him/her answer without knowing you've have been taping. The answer will be clear from what is said and you have the Verbal Truth. You have the "Right" not to be misrepresented by self fearing Physicians who are the self appointed "Kings" and us Patients treated like "Peasants" who don't pocess any BRAINS. We're NUTS? NO, no, no. These Physicians need to step down from their "Self Made Pedalstals" and get real and Honest.

Keep fighting for your Right to be heard with dignity and Respect - you are worth it. And "SURPRISE!" Some of these Turkeys will learn something too. Had it with ignorant selfish self appointed Kings that don't have a clue as to the torture we are going threw. Keep the fight going Debsreed. Way to go 👍👍👍👍

Been back to neurologist. Been to pain management. Was told there's nothing more they can do. That's why I had to go the thc and CBD route. Last hope. Neuropathy is much different than what you have. It's in my feet also but they are numb and no pain but can't feel them

Yeah I know it is but unlikely treatments can work and most of the medication i take aims at nerves and neuropathic pain so just saying perhaps there are other things you can try. And differences aside I know how it feels when you feel like you've tried everything and the pain is unbearable

Also have you tried morphine patches?

No. They won't try them on me

What is thc and CBD? I've suffered from severe neuropathy in my hands for four years since being diagnosed with cervical stenosis and surgery for the cospinal compresssion. I've tried every possible treatment and medication but nothing works. Like having ones hands in a nest of wasps all the time

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Medical marijuana Suzyhays


I have suffered with neuropathic pain since 2010. The main symptom is burning to the right side of my body, mainly right hand and right foot, followed closely by rest of right leg and rest of right arm. When things are particularly bad, other parts of my right side join in. Great fun.

I have tried countless drugs, done the pain clinic, had the scans etc etc. My GP is brilliant, he will allow me to suggest remedies and if no good reason against will prescribe accordingly. I have had some bad experiences along the way, but you keep trying, because there is no alternative.

You, like me, are stuck with the pain. You need to know what your triggers are, you need to find your optimum combination of meds, you need to learn to live with it, because if you don't the consequences you are already aware of.

For info, my meds are oxycodone, clonazepam and amitriptyline.I stay as fit as I can, this is ultra important in fighting pain. I suffer with insomnia and sleep is also very important, which is why I take the clonazepam. De-stress where possible, pain likes stress.

Good Luck & don't give up.


I have only just read your post. I'm so dreadfully sorry to read how much you are suffering. I don't know enough about 'alternative pain relievers' and how long they work. While I have been taking 15-18 drop of hemp oil with cbd for last ten days I still get pain. Like last night And today I haven't been able to move at all. I use lidocaine patches on my spine and morphine patch. I'm so sorry I can offer you more in terms of helpful information to relieve your pain.

Remain blessed and hopeful xx

Hi Olivia1

I've used lidocaine patches, cream and had an infusion done with lidocaine. I wish I could get morphine or dilaudid patches. My dr only allows me 3 oxycodone a day at 5 mg. That's NOTHING. Need to find a new pain management dr tomorrow. What does the amount of hemp oil you take equal to in US or metric system? I don't know what 15-18 drops are. In USA, it comes in milliliters. How much CBD is in yours? What country are you in? Do you have neuropathy? I'm so sorry for your pain.


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Hi Gina ,

I am so sorry for yur pain as everyone else on this forum- so grateful for the info. I have it in my feet - interesting that it started just as I got divorced form an abusive man after 38 years - thinking finally I would be stress free. I wonder how much the accumulated stress had to do with it - thought he put a curse on me ! Not funny .

I am trying the medical marijuana right now. I am trying different products and strains. Indica is for relaxing body and sleep. I suffer fro the excruciating pain at night especially - forget sleep. So I am at work right now but will get back to you with the exact MM that I am trying - a tincture under my tongue is helping with sleep at night as well as smoking an indica flower. I take 2400 mg of Gabapentin, Clonazapam, Cymbalta, Tramadol, Lidocaine cream and use Biofeeze over the counter roll on. I just started using a 20 minute guided meditation in bed to take my mind off of it as I hyper focus on the pain in bed causing anxiety as well .

Actually having more relief from the medical marijuana, as it helps me mentally to sleep. At least it is organic and non narcotic - no harm at all ..... feel free to message me and don't give up :)

Looking forward to hearing from you. I can't take it any longer! I'm crying non stop!

Have you tried turmeric I have nerve pain and it does help I just warm some milk and then put I teaspoon of turmeric and some black pepper about 1/4 teaspoon mix together and drink I takes effect quicker that way than with capsules as your pain is so bad it may take a couple of days to take effect but it’s worth a go if you are on an anticoagulant then take no more than once a day as it can thin your blood but usually in that dosage it is ok as people use that much in their everyday cooking that’s another reason I do not take the capsules

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