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Hi everyone I have an update on my last posts, I have seen my doctor again and she once again has increased my brutan patches from 15ml to 20ml, to try and sort out my cronic back pain, she finally got to see the reports from my hospital visits and so understands the cause of the pain I am suffering, she has now said that if after 3 more weeks after updating the Brutan patches if my pain is still as bad she will refer me to a pain clinic, and a spine specialist. Hooray, I feel as if I am now getting the help I need, it has taken a long painful time but I feel as if I am moving further along, wish me luck folks

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  • Hi I am currently on alot of meds that are no longer working for my back pain and I am currently recovering from spinal surgery could I ask what your back conditions are please as I am finding it hard to get my doctor to prescribe the butran patches although I am currently on oramorph. I don't understand her reluctantrance to giving me them when my pain is so bad also my consultant has said I'd be in a lot of pain maybe I just havnt got a sympathetic doctor.

  • Hi Heather - Bee3 yes I have 2 prolapsed discs, and spondylitis of my neck and spine, my pain is chronic and my doctor put me on Butran patches as I had been on tramadol for 15 years and she thought the tramadol was no longer working and wanted me to come off them, she had to put me on something that was as strong whilst I dealt with the withdrawal from the tramadol, after much research she decided that the brutal patches was the best way to go, she slowly increased the dosage of the patches to fit the amount of pain, I started off with 5 ml and I am now on 20ml and off the tramadol altogether, I also have quite a few other medical conditions ( including diabetes) and I have to take several different medications for so she thought Butran patches was the best way to go.

    Not all doctors will prescribe these patches as they are very addictive but it also depends on how long you have had the conditions

  • Thankyou for your reply I am seeing one of my doctors I see on a regular basis in my surgery next week as iv now been on gabapentin at 400mg 3 times a day also nefropram paracetamol an oramorph for 4 years now all I find don't work for me any more so looking into trying the patches fingers crossed I get better results with this doc x

  • The best of luck with your doctor Heather- Bee, keep on trying, don't give up, I hope you get the results you want

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