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I am expiercing pain down my my left leg, knee, groin, and now it seems to be starting to move into my hip. I had an MIR done and it showed Mild Stenosis in my L5 / L4, my family doctor said that wasn't enough damage to cause all the pain I am having.

I showed my MIR to 2 different renowned Neurologistso to get their diagnosis one sturgeon suggested that i needed a decompression and fusion in the L5 / L4 area. Thesecond surgeon agreed with my family doctor and said there was not enough damage in the L5 / L4 area in my back to require going through spine surgery He said the pain symptoms I am expiercing are more likely due to be a hip or knee problem and to go have an MIR done on my my knee and hip. Unfortunately my family doctor does not agree with him and he prescribed a powerful Antivinflamatory drug called PREDNISONE which doesn't seem to be helping me with this pain and now my family doctor is suggesting I have an Epedorial Blok inserted into my lower Spine. I am really confused on what to do next I have lost complete strength in my left leg it hutrs 24/7 and I can hardly stand up It iax hard to believe i was walking up to 10 miles per day just 3 months ago . I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you everyone

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Mild Stenosis in my L5 / L4 will not cause the pain you are having. However, MRI scans do not sure muscle contraction. So you can have mild stenosis with strong muscle contraction and viola you can possibly get all the symptoms you are having.

See a McTimony chiropractor to see what they can do. This will also give you a second opinion with which to take back to your family doctor and possibly NHS England. You say you have lost strength in your leg. An Epidural Block will numb pain but could cost you the loss of leg function because you are possibly applying pressure to a nerve root. Strong pressure on a nerve root over a long period of time will damage the nerve root.

Hope this helps

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I am suffering the same pain in my hip knee all you have I have they say it is coming from my back really don't think GB are really interest in what we are going throw am waiting to get Radiology procedure I been waiting for this for over seven months and I am scared but there is nothing else I can do fed up taking tablet and really depressed now sorry can't be more help I will let you no how I get on when I go for it on the 8 Feb god blesss


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