Not just a deep breath

People in chronic pain are often advised to take a deep breath to help them relax. We are often advised to take deep breaths but never told that it isn't the breathing in that is beneficial but the breathing out.

It is only when you exhale that you release tensions. Most people in chronic pain do a lot of breathing in but barely breathe out at all. If you are in chronic pain you need to focus on your exhalations. Make your out breath long, slow and controlled and focus on relaxing downwards all the time. You may find this very difficult to do at first but do persevere as it will release so much of the tension that is preventing you from releasing your pain.

I run a small business teaching people in chronic pain how to release their pain and tensions through their breathing and posture. I have taught this fundamental breathing skill to a great many people in chronic pain and it is always effective.

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  • This is a great post. I was discussing this with my chiropractor yesterday. I have developed a very tight rigid upper back due to the pain in my lower back and pelvis. She is encouraging measured slow breathing, meditation and being very aware of my posture Nd shoulder and neck positions.

    But yes breathing fully especially when the pain is bad does help to stop the muscle tension and increase.


  • These things are so hugely important to everyone, not just those in chronic pain. In fact if people knew to do these things then they wouldn't develop chronic pain conditions. If Doctors taught people how to breathe and stand properly or parents taught it to their children there wouldn't be an NHS crisis.

  • No no 5 steps. You cannot say that knowing how to breathe properly would prevent chronic pain conditions. I have done yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi etc all my life. I have spine degeneration - un lucky . I also have an SI joint condition which started in pregnancy and was made worse by a bike accident.

    That is just me. There are many more chronic conditions that have arisen from a variety of causes.

    I will absolutely agree with you on the need for everyone to learn to breathe properly but do take issue with the statements in your post.

    Have a good day .


  • Hi Dee. You're right it wouldn't prevent all such conditions but many of them come from a chronic build-up of tension in the body. This puts the whole musculoskeletal system out of balance so it can become injured very easily. I do a lot of breath and posture work with people with chronic pain and all of them benefit from it.

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