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I really hope there are people out there that can identify with chronic pain throughout your body.

Im morphine intolerant and though im on medication I live with so much pain, its been really bad for the last few months and is driving me insane. Chronic pain has affected my mobility and I do feel down at times I don't give in it wont beat me. I try to lead some sort of life and get out of the house as often as possible, i've had it for 6 years and I feel so alone sometimes and don't have many friends anymore. God I sound so sad!!!!

I live with pain 24/7. there is not a time when I don't hurt, it would be so nice to talk with people who actually know what im going through :-)

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  • HiMissy L, Welcome to the forum.Yes I like many can identify with living with chronic pain. I struggle with side effects of morphine too which is a shame as it did help me .What do you take instead and what is causing the pain? Have you been seen at a pain clinic? I know what you mean about friends dropping off, many people are understanding of acute pain but when it goes on and on they get fed up of you. I have kearnt they were not real friends anyway.You will meet many on forum who struggle daily as you do and understand the problems chronic pain brings.You are not alone witn this it just sometimes feels like you are the only one in the world. Do you live alone or have anyone to support you? Sending you a hug x

  • Hello Kim, I have arthritis in my lower spine that is advanced for my age and have had back pain on and off for years, I was diagnosed 6 years ago and believe I have fibromyalgia but my doctor said its all part of the same group and a diagnosis wont make any difference to anything.

    I went to see my gp last week because the pain is unbearable sometimes. I just get the same answer every time, its so frustrating but I feel they have given up on me. I have been on 2 pain management courses, one was an intense month long course at a London hospital. Thank you for your kind words of support x

  • Hi what do you take for the oain? I also have back pain and sciatica , have tried most things including surgery.Two years ago I started getting coccyx pain which makes sitting very difficult. At present its not too bad as I have steroid injections into it which help for a few months but the back / sciatic pain continues.Some days are worse than others.I also have severe restless leg syndrome so spend many nights pacing the floor which has caused arthritis in my knee, I can say though all of this has changed my life but has also made me a more sympathetic and empathetic person.

    I am sorry you are suffering and hope you can find a grain of comfort from knowing others understand, x

  • Crikey!!! I dont know what I would do if I couldn't handle my morphine!!!! I too have it 24/7 however mostly its background pain due to the meds but I cant work, travel much etc etc so like you my social life has dwindled hey ho :)

    Dont know what to say or offer to you, keep pushing the Dr's I guess is the best I can say??

    Maybe a group of us who live nearby should have a dinner on the run evening!?!?!?!?


    Bob M

  • Hello Bob, thank you for your reply.

    Its so lovely to talk with people who actually know how i feel

  • Welcome MissyL71 to a bunch of other chronic pain sufferers. Thanks for joining us. We all have pain of varying degrees and all take some sort of pain killers so understand how it is. Each persons pain is different and how much they can bear varies. I take tramadol which is a mild opiate with side effects some people can't cope with. I also take paracetamol as a top up when the pain is worse. As others will tell you there are pain clinics, varied drugs, physio, patchs (heat and drug type) exercise classes and distraction tactics which are a little nicer. Pain is individual as are the treatments that suit. You must test all possibilities to get the maximum relief. Sometimes just talking like this takes your mind off it, but generally the pain only subsides we have no wonder cures. Just lately they are trying vitamin D for pain as shortage of it in the body can cause pain or make chronic pain worse. Hope you feel a little better for the chat and we see you often in the future now you have taken the first step and posted.

  • Thanks for your support Katie. I too take tramadol, its the only one my body will tolerate. I've tried them all!

    I take pregabalin as well, it helps with leg pain. I do have hobbies and read alot of books to take my mind off the pain. I will try vitamin D too

  • Thats a TOP reply from Katieoxo60!!

    Nice one :)

  • thanks for the thumbs up BobM

  • What type of books do you like? I do my reading on line these days so I can enlarge the print easily as I have sight impairment too which worsens with age.Fingers crossed vitamin D helps you, worth a try, best wishes

  • Hiya Missy, good to meet you even under these circumstances. Yes most of the time it feels as if I'm living just to keep the enemy (pain) going! and it can seem as though life dwindles into nothingness. But it is important to keep fighting, dont get sad, get angry at the pain. It will help perversely!

    I know it sounds trite but do try to keep busy, something for the lonely night hours, something for the chairbound and lying down positions by day. I don't know how it works for you, but I have to be fairly immobile, but I make a routine of moving at least every hour and each time is accompanied by loud anglo saxon terms of abuse aimed at the enemy - after a while you'll get quite inventive and it's all part of the battle. You do need someone else who can listen, and although there are lots of good people here, face-to-face is important. Have you ever considered a counsellor?

    I too am limited on the drugs front and it's just one frustration after another, but we Are here for you.

    Be good (after all, there's not too much option :)

  • Hi Missy, that's what we're here for! To support each other in our darkest and lighter times. I've been suffering for 9 years now. I've lost my career, my ability to drive and many so called friends along the way. I've tried every drug and various combinations. On Monday I'm having a lidocaine infusion. Not really licensed for neuropathic pain and high risk due to it causing heart attacks and brain convulsions, but if it works I could be pain free for up to two months. I can't remember a life without pain. Ohmydays! I'm not sure if I'm excited or petrified!

  • Wow I've never heard of this drug but if it works it could be so amazing for you and so many other people. I have my fingers crossed for you.

    I understand your excitement and nerves over it, please let me know how it goes. Wishing you lots of luck

  • Gosh Jane, loosing your licence must be terrible!!? Its my biggest fear don't know what I could do if that happens?! How do you cope?

    Jane, you are a brave lady..........keep your 'chin' up and let us all know what happens :)


    Bob M

  • Hi... like you ive been in constant pain for many years, i have just about tried everything there is with little success. The one thing i got some relief with was Hydrotherapy but alas you only get an hour at most and it does leave you tired, well worth it just for that one hour. One thing i have noticed over the years is convincing people that you really are in a lot of pain, unless your on the floor writhing in pain they dont believe you, its been easier since i was diagnosed. One more thing do you use a wheelchair i bit the bullet a few years ago, and now go everywhere with it, freedom is very important to me..take care

  • I do use a wheelchair as and when necessary. About 3 years ago I inherited a motability scooter. It took me over a year to come to terms with using it. But now, in the summer, I walk my two dogs every day! I have the most wonderful friend who walks with me and I get out of the house for two hours. Oh it's wonderful! I hated hydrotherapy but only because I'm a fruit loop. I couldn't cope with being in such a confined space of water with other people, in case my skin touched their skin! (See, told you I'm bonkers!). But 4 years ago I developed the rare, chronic and, of course, incurable, skin condition, Hidradenitis. It manifests itself in huge boils under the skin, you can't get to them and they look disgusting. So my swimming costume days were over anyway.

  • Hi Missy, welcome to the forum. This is a great site. All of us share details of the meds we are taking or trying out. We have a rant, a moan, a b----h, every now and again! I have very similar conditions to yourself and there is never a day where I have no pain.

    I make a point of trying to keep busy. Be that knitting, reading, on the computer, doing a bit of my family history I am working on. all depending on what my body allows. I agree with you. unless a person is suffering pain themselves or cannot actually see your illness they can't really understand. Also people get tired of me not joining in and being as active as I used to be. It is an ongoing battle to combat pain and the dreaded depression that is always ready to pounce.

    All I can say is to keep on asking your GP or pain management clinics for advice. I wish you all the best and hope to see you here regularly. Ann

  • Hi Sweetheart, I feel for you. I know exactly what you are going through. What was your diagnosis? I too can't take morphine and so many other drugs I once could take and many of them if I was able to take would be so beneficial. I suffered for years trying to find answers and was finally diagnosed in 2004. I have Fibromyalgia, OA, RLS, IBS, Ruptured disks in my lower back for starters. I did it for as long as I could and finally went to a pain clinic, I can say that now although I still live with pain it's more bearable. If I can help you in anyway please just let me know. Hope this helps you!!!! xxxx Mitzi

  • Hi and welcome Missy! Had huge issues last year due to lack of sleep due to pain and functioning as a teacher on 30 mins sleep a night got too much and had to take time off. Have a very compassionate Dr who has been amazing, and realised after seeing neurologist etc I had complex chronic pain syndrome , especially LHS without have a concrete diagnosis. Let me see Pain Clinic and a top pain specialist who has been all over the world training and practicing in private hospitals. Gave me pregablin (very expensive in liquid form) but still on amitriptyline, morphine and codeine but trying to get me off codeine before the morphine but allowing me, with my doc, to self regulate all of my Pain meds which is unusual but helping me no end. Have currently a flair up of left knee seeing physio for preliminary assessment Wednesday and a Dr for a suspected bunion on right foot so see what happens. You see Missy, we do just share and try to help and reassure each other. Enjoy our company and welcome; to care is to share!!

  • Hi Missy, I think you will have seen from the other replies you are not alone. Not that it helps the pain, but it is comforting. I had 3 car incidents in 9 years, have been dealing with chronic pain 24/7 for 13 years now and I have depression. I am lucky as I have a great GP and have lots of professional help for the depression which is bad.

    I take diclofenac MRC 150mg daily, along with amitryptaline for neuralgia and dihydrocodiene & diazepam to manage the pain. My appetite is poor so am now on an iron supplement, but as Katieoxo60 has suggested I will also try the Vitamin D supplement.

    I hope you do get comfort from this forum, I know I do. Keep posting.

    Best of luck to Jane for the lidocaine infusion, let us know how it goes.

    Good luck

  • Hello MissyL71

    I feel like after the Lord Mayor's Show bringing up the rear!

    I am the dark horse of the forum being a carer and not a direct chronic pain sufferer. Living with David my husband who broke his back 30 years ago gives me an insight into how he, and others, siffer and hopefully manage their pain. Just to add to his list he has 2 degenerative diseases of the spine and awaiting a hip replacement. Oh yes and like so many - hand in hand with depression.

    Only those who suffer the same debilitating pain can ever truly understand what each and every one on this forum goes through but hope I can offer support where possible.

    Oh yes - I don't hurt but I am registered blin and a whizz on welfare reform and benefits!


    Pat x

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