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Foot pain

Hi , new to this site and hope someone can advise.

I have suffered chronic foot pain for several years and have had no release from pain having tried everything recommended, from expensive insoles, numerous appointments with podiatrists and pills which made one feel like a zombie!!

I just wondered if there might be a miracle cure out there as my GP has little idea where to go from here. He presumes it is a case of worsening arthritis and because I can still walk the dog. ( very painfully) there appears to be little he can do.

Any ideas would be great fully received!!! Thank you.

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Hi & welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately there aren't any miracle cures floating about on here, only hints, tips, advice and most importantly, support & understanding...

Chronic pain is as complex as it knows how to be (the inconsiderate bugger!) so we're all, in one or another, searching for that magic trick to solve it all!! 😩

We understand the frustration of seeing medical professional after medical professional without one of them having a Eureka moment that sorts it out; yours being in your foot means every single movement is affected! Have you seen a physio? Beenreferred to a pain clinic? What pain meds have you tried?

I know, so many questions......


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I have had chronic foot pain for 4 years they say its a trapped nerve in the spine and put me on permanent painkillers for life not an answer.


Hello nice to meet you, sorry I can't offer a magic cure have been a sufferer for over twenty years. I use painkillers plus varied foot supports and find it necessary not to walk too far. I do find it effects your balance too, but only other solution is take to a wheelchair, there are a few herbal remedies for arthritis that might help the pain, ginger is good for pain releif also, worth a try. Good luck....


You say that it is presumed that it is a case of worsening arthritis, is this pain when you walk in the big toe? Or is it in some other part of the foot? If it is arthritis in the big toe then there are things that can be done surgically to relieve the pain such as fusing the joints. If this is the case then you might need a referral to a podiatric surgeon rather than a regular podiatrist. And of course you can get arthritis in any joint in the foot and there are very many joints in the foot!


😂 funny this came up after the plantar facititis blog yesterday.

Foot pain is very hard to cope with .My reumatolagist said the only thing

Is to give up walking.. Honest! So I took up swimming and walking in the water.I was so much better.. trying to cut this short but last June had an op

and had to give up swimming for two months. Back to swimming feet not too bad. Then in October another op no swimming until now.

My feet are in a lot of pain keep swapping shoes and orthotics walking is

Limited to 20 mins because of pain. Next Monday I am starting back with my swimming and not just for my feet . If you are able swim swim swim 😂


See a McTimony chiropractor and Alexander Technique teacher. Foot problem could be a posture problem. Chiropractor to check that you have no micro-cramps which are applying pressure on nerve roots.

Hope this helps.


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