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Foot Pain

I'm a fairly active teenager but recently work up with a pain in my foot. The pain hurts up to my knee and I can't really walk, I don't know what it is but I have to limp around everywhere, my local A and E unit takes 4 hours for anyone to see me. Does anyone know what I might've done? My mum won't take me to the doctors and in P.E. today my foot swelled up and I couldn't take my shoe off

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Sorry but this could be so many things. How old are you? Can't you take yourself to GP? Is mum aware how much it is a problem?

Really you need a doctor to examine it and if necessary ask for tests.


Sorry your in pain. Can't help with what you could have done, but needs checking. Are you old enough to go GP on own? Good luck x


A+ E is for emergencies but a visit to the GP as the others said is the answer. What did your PE teacher say when you showed him/ her the swollen foot ?


Maybe you should visit a podiatrist . They can help with ur pain . Physio might help as well .

Stay strong


Ring your gp when it's closed and get the out of hours number and a gp can see you after hours

Or get a gp to phone you


If your foot is swelling to that extent, then you do need to see a doctor. Take a photo on your phone when it is at its worst, if it isn't like that all the time. Talk to your mother again about it and about how badly it is affecting you, and if she still won't take you to the GP, then ask your school counsellor what to do.


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