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Hye Everyone. I am 34 Years old and i am having severe pain in my lower back from 3 to four years the pain travels from write side or sometime to left side and the pain in the middle remains there along with traveling pain. Doctors say that it is muscular pain and it would be removed after 10 to 15 days but the pain does not eliminate. Any one can help me out or share your experience if similar.

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Me too, mine caused by hip problems and very tight muscles in front and rear thigh. Helped by massages and exercises.


Muscular pain can be helped by exercise, most importantly core strength. Maintaining a proper weight is also crucial. You need to get to the bottom of why you keep having pain. It could be due to posture or poor movement / bending / lifting etc.

Has your GP advised you or referred you for physio ? If not I would ask.

In the meantime heat relieves discomfort.



Dose it travel down your legs or just right to left on lower back

If down legs possible sciatica or if side to side could be si joint pain either way physio is what they would start and because it hasnt gone go back to your doctor n demand to directed to someone who could assess you x


I have spondylitis of the spine and have bad pain,but I bought a Shiatsu massage pillow from Comfort Supplies and use that about once a month ,pain cannot be cured but it does ease it. I hope this will help you.


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