prostate pain, and pain in ascending colon/appendix

i have been suffering for the past month from a pain that has developed right near my appendix and/or my ascending colon... i had a job that required sitting down for almost the entire day, sun up to sun down. The pain would (and still does) come in waves and pulsates. This happens many times throughout the day. Typically, things like this will go away, but not only has it not gone away, but i also began developing prostate pain that is very uncomfortable as well. the pain is not excruciating butdefinitely very uncomfortable. i have also noticed my urine these past few days has been a yellow fluorescent color. i am getting bit concerned and have medi-cal insurance but am in washington at the moment. im beginning to wonder if i should head back to california and see a doctor? would anyone have any advice they can give me? thank you for anyone who takes the time to read this.

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  • We can only advise you to do what you've already suggested and that's to go and see your/a doctor.


  • I totally agree with RAYJAYC. Get yourself to a Doctor asap.


  • I hope by now you've decided to see a dr. In 2004 I ignored pain in that area. A week later I had to have an emergency operation only to find that my bowel had ruptured!!! I had the ascending colon and part of small bowel removed. I eventually recovered. Good luck!

  • Hello Health is Life. TBH this post leaves me wondering, why do you have medical insurance?

    Sure it is so you can get a proper diagnosis when you appear to have a serious internal problem. At least let the California docs check you are OK.

    Kindest regards, Rib

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