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Blood clots

Hi everybody I am new to this

21 sep tripped in street fell badly

Was taken to hospital told to go home

Take paracetamol and rest even though leg was nearly double size of other one and in agony

3 days running was taken back to hospital twice in ambulance pain in chest vomiting bubbles leg even more swollen in AGONY all time on 3rd day said okay as here will do ultrasound but sure nothing wrong found 2 blood clots admitted they should have checked before pain has been so bad now on rivaroxaban for 6 months at least sent in letter of complaint but their version of events so different to mine

I live in norwich norfolk

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This is so typical of our lovely N&N, I nearly lost my daughter because the doctors wouldn't listen properly. We owe her life to a wonderful nurse who took notice and appropriate action. I too complained to PALS but they were worse than useless too. Good luck and I hope the clots clear up quickly x

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Thank you for reply not very good at this live with my mentally ill son I am 68 lost husband 3 years ago suddenly to Leukemia

Feel so isolated so many health problems on top of new one so am on my phone during night as can't sleep sorry to complain


Perrie you have a right to complain, we all have a grumble now and then. You should not have to puit up with that sort of thing as a recently bereaved person with an ill son to care for. You were very ill yourself and as a pensioner and carer should have received better care. Hope you get some sleep now and recover a little soon, take care and best wishes for improvement xx


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