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Hi I hope I'm allowed to post this on here.has anyone tried cbd oil for chronic pain? If so have you had any success.


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  • Hello irish-coleen.

    Yes you can ask!

    This topic comes up quite regularly and has many different answers. Like any pain 'meds' CBD oil can be hugely beneficial or a complete disaster.

    Advice is to get the best you can afford from a good company. Many of the cheaper oils are diluted and have little affect

    Our bodies have CBD receptors in them so are able to receive the oils quite safely. And they are legal.

    It is when the complete plant with thc is used that it becomes illegal.


  • Thank you for your reply.i really don't know where to start looking or what type to buy,I just know I'm at the end of my tether with pain that I take opiods,nerve pain tablets,muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory for..but no relief.

  • You aren't alone with pain and meds not helping.

    The thing about cannabis is that it relaxes muscles. Muscles cause pain so while it doesn't cure basic problems it does help enormously.

    As I said cannabis is illegal in its complete form so CBD is probably the closest anyone can get.

    May I ask if you have been to pain clinic?

    It has been realized recently that pain meds in higher and stronger quantities carry no benefit whatsoever..

    I have to dash out now but happy tp chat later


  • Thankyou so much.yes I'd love to chat later.

  • Haven't ignored you many replies I thought there would be something to help among them! Any problems message me


  • Hi,thankyou for your response.Yes I've been to the pain clinic who put me on a lot of the meds I am currently on..they also give me facet joint injections throughout my whole spine..i never get ease from deep burning pain in my spine and surrounding dealing with this 10 years now and would really love to come off a lot of this medication.Can I ask did you use it for pain.if so what did you start off With? I'm going to tell my gp on Tues that I'm going to be ordering some as I need to be sure I won't have a reaction with my buprenorphine patches I am on.

  • Hello Irish-Colleen 😊 From Eileen (Irish descent). I have RSD/CRPS and of 3 different CBD oils that I've tried, I've experienced minimal control of pain. I have had very good response to low THC cannabis itself along with relief of muscle spasm and it's been a godsend. I literally moved from Virginia to California so that I could legally purchase cannabis to help mitigate the effects of my disease. Medical treatment for the disease is very hit and miss, mostly miss in my case. I have also had great success with a Spinal Cord Stimulator implant if that might be an option in your case. I wish you all the best as you comb through pain control options. It's not an easy road to travel 😢

  • You can't talk about drugs!!! #rolleyes

    I do find it incredible that Morphine related drugs are readability available, yet anything Cannabis based (even with the THC removed) is rarely prescribed.

    I only count a flare-up is when I get muscle spasms (that means it's partytime on my Nervous System), and would much rather try non Opioid based medication for flare-up.

    I have a pain specialist meeting next week, but I don't imaging it going too well...

  • I asked my Pain Consultant about CBD oil for pain relief- I'm on Oxycontin 10.

    He said it wasn't much help over what I was on and that you needed the THC element to get any meaningful relief.

    That seems to be the general view from any of the sites I'm on.

    "CBD Brothers" are supposed to be a good , reliable source (UK).


  • I just bought a cbd roll on for my neck pain, im not sure if its helping or not. I will give it a week or this point ill try anything thats not an opiate.

  • Hi there,

    Yes, I've tried cbd oil and it didn't do much BUT there is so little reliable information out there that it's difficult to decide what to get, plus it's expensive. There are different strengths and combinations too. I have since found out that some research and testing has been done in Portugal, and there are different combinations of cbd and THC which work for different types of pain or illness, e.g. cancer, anxiety, nerve pain etc. So that's a bit like the difference between taking a paracetamol or a laxative for a headache! Until this country can put money into researching it, it will always be hit and miss as to whether what you use works.

    Hope that helps.

  • nettymacd Unfortunately anything with thc in is illegal in UK. And that is the part of the plant that actually relaxes the muscles thus helping pain.


  • CBD Users UK Is a really good Facebook site if you are on Facebook. It's really informative and explains everything you want to know about cannabis oil.

  • I regularly take cbd oil. I vape cbd and take oral tinctures too & also have used a topical cbd cannabis spray for my back pain. Cbd also helps my depression.. I’ve been researching this for many years and the scientific evidence surrounding it is phenomenal and positive. It works for me and I’ve stopped my meds for 2 months now due to taking cbd only. It’s about time they legalise the plant for patients first for medicinal use, it isn’t criminal. What’s criminal is denying somebody their rights and choice to their medicine & what they can and cannot put into their bodies. There’s huge research coming out and will continue to do so.

  • I too have spent many years researching and because of where we now live have access to the complete plant.. Under medical guidance and not just quick smoke in the many 'clubs'.

    We are fortunate to have trialed 3 bespoke types for David. As yet he has nnot come to a final decision. One however was very suitable and gave him good results.

    As long as the giant pharmaceutical companies have their way....nothing will change in England. Money of course


  • Wow that’s amazing. How did you manage to get it under medical guidance. Are you in the UK? I too have tried and researched laws and regulations but fail to come to the conclusion of notifying my GP as they do not know yet. But they were happy I did reduce my meds.

    I’ve seen specific strains helps specific ailments and conditions and would love to do what you’ve done medically of course.

    That’s brilliant to hear hope he’s doing well and good & yes the pharma industry it may work and help some but for me it spiralled my life downwards and backwards. That’s why the herb is now my choice of medicine.

  • Canary Islands! And under guidance from university research Doctor.

    Yes there are a huge variety and I have tried growing 2 different specimens from seed.Very easy with our climate but then I ran out of what to do next! Plenty of advice but I will try again in New Year.David doesn't smoke so I shall try the butter or pay someone else to do all the work!

    You do get specific ones for pain. They work by completely relaxing muscles thus taken away pain. Of course the cause is still there but relief is several hours. Many use this medication for cancer patients and that may be the way England might eventually go.

  • That’s awesome. I’m missing out. Where is that close to. I may just have to visit Amsterdam🤔

    I do hope the UK follow suit, there’s a level of ignorance and a lack of education & knowledge, I did a science degree and learned so much & the evidence is clear, period.

    And yes if you can’t manage the plant it will be good to hand it over to a “specialist” I’d suggest. That’s awesome I’m jealous 😭😂

    Glad to hear. You could also extract the THC oil as I know that’s brilliant for pain relief & yes many clinical studies are out there whereby cannabis has helped people with cancer. It shouldn’t be a choice whether or not to medicate with a plant, it should be compulsory to reduce or end unnecessary suffering.

    Good speaking with you.

  • Think I'll look at moving to the Canaries! Currently spending a lot of money on relaxation therapies.

  • Ha ha ha!! Come any time...guaranteed sun and therapy!


  • Hi I took CBD oil and found that I didn't have much effect from it on its own. Then I took CBD with a little thc and my pain reduced tremendously and made a big difference to my quality of life.

    However I stopped talking it and all my pain has come back. The reason I stopped talking it was because I got very ill with something else. I am thinking about starting my oils again.

    If you are thinking about taking the oils I wish you well with them and hope that they work for you as they don't seem to work for everyone. 🤗🤗🌹🌹🌹xxx

  • I started reading the replies and I have to post this to make a correction to some of the other posts. There are two types of CBD oil, one is made from hemp and one is made from marijuana. Obviously the ones made from marijuana have a high concentrate of THC and it works better also (I'm told). The other one which most people use is made from hemp. A lot of people are mistaken in thinking that it has no THC but in actuality it has .3% of THC. This trace amount generally will not show up on a UA but it does occasionally. I am not sure why but I suspect it has to do with how much the person ingests and how close the ingestion was to the UA. (That's my personal hypotheses.) I've talked to individuals in some of the pain sites I belong to who have said they tested positive after using CBD oil made from hemp.

    My only reason for bringing this up is because if you are working with a pain management doctor or any doctor who does UA on you regularly and you have a contract with them then you you'll want to tell your Dr that you're taking it so they know why you have a positive UA if you do.

  • Sorry but CBD is made without any thc. That is why it is legal in the UK.

    CBD is extracted and separated from specific varieties of cannabis, often known as hemp. Chemically, CBD is one of 85 chemical substances known as cannabinoids, which are all found in the cannabis plant. CBD is the second most abundant compound in hemp, typically representing up to 40% of its extracts.

    CBD oil is a cannabis oil (whether derived from marijuana or industrial hemp, as the word cannabis is the latin genus name for both) that has significant amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) contained within it.

  • I'm going to have to argue with you. It's legal in the US to but that's because it's such a small amount of THC that it falls below the law. Do some Google searches and you'll find that what I'm saying is true. I did do a quick search and I don't know how reliable this particular source is but it was the first link I ran across.

  • Think we are crossed wires!!

    I said UK where thc is illegal


  • No I understood what you said. But here in the US marijuana is also illegal. And I simply used that fact as an example. And regardless of whether it's in the UK or the US CBD oil does have Trace Amounts of THC in it. And CBD oil is probably legal in the UK because it's only Trace Amounts just like it is in the US.

  • My friend said its brilliant :-)

  • A most reputable brand is "Charlotte's Web " developed by the Stanley Brothers in America for a little girl called Charlotte Figi, please see on you tube.

    This brand has been noted on Oprah Winfrey.

    I buy it from Savage Cabbage in the UK.

    I contacted the Stanley Brothers to ask for a company in the UK who sell their stuff hence "Savage Cabbage" name given.

    They also have a website called "The Realm of Caring, there is dosage information as well as research papers and you can get advice from their team too.

    There are three strengths, I initially had the lowest (cheapest), I didn't notice a difference.

    I now buy the strongest which is Advanced 5000, I have been using it for a year and I find it really helps.

    It is totally legal, marketed as Hemp due to its low TCH.

    I wouldn't confuse the CBD Brothers with the Stanley Brothers, it is the latter that is legitimate.

    I have read somewhere Complaints about the former Brothers.

    A bottle of Charlotte's Web Advanced 5000 30ml costs £135.00.

    I hope this information helps.


  • Thanks for that mate been trying to find CW Hemp original. I brought a bottle 2 years ago from the USA but due to shipping costs etc I couldn’t find a uk company. Will have a look as the HEMP MCT OIL is brilliant for my pain management & also inflammation. ✌🏽

  • How long would that amount last you please 30ml? I know it will depend on the daily amount you take but a rough idea will do. Thank you.

  • Probany about two monrhs depending on dosage.

    You may want to begin with 10drops, that may be optimum for you.

    Only you and your body will know when you are getting the right amount.

    Contact and sign up to the realm of Caring website, contact them for advice if unsure.


  • I just had a look at the Realm of Caring website, they want too much personal information, so I didn't both signing up for it. But having read a bit more elsewhere, I'm considering buying the stronger version of Charlotte's Web. My digestion is ultra sensitive, so I usually start new meds with the tiniest dose and work upwards. I'll have a think about this...

  • Yes, I am sensitive too. Five drops may be a starting point twice a day.

    If you sign up, you get information regarding products and dosage and access to their team.

    You can unsubscribe at any time.


  • Hi, I recently bought some CBD Cannabis Oil for my wife to use.

    I tried it myself prior to introducing it to her by placing some drops under my tongue as suggested on the product. It tastes awful !

    I know that she would not like it at all ( even for the pain relief ).

    She smokes, so I wondered if putting a few drops on/in her cigarette would work ?

    I am thinking maybe a vapour cigarette could be used with some kind of flavouring.

    Any other suggestions would be welcome.

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Hi

    Charlotte's Web Advanced brad does a mint/chocolate flavour, cyou cannot taste the cannabis at all.

    Other than wasting what you have, you could add chocolate 'extract' used in cooking. (Not essence).

  • Hermes123

    What an interesting discussion this has been, as a pain sufferer for nearly sixty years, tried the wired and wonderful over the years, especially when working and i could afford to try different remedies, had many operation on different joints over the years, i found things that give one temporary relief, but nothing that sustains long term relief. I should be a multi millionaire if I had a pound for every claim made and papers written given hope, but go no further than there announcement. Hermes.

  • I use a high quality one but get head aches with it so only use it on my really bad days. I should add I vape it as I've heard the oil tastes horrible.

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