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Spinal cord stimulator

Spinal cord stimulator

So I've been diagnosed with CRPS for the last year. This month I finally met with a consultant who wanted to get right now to treatment. I'd already tried most other treatments and was referred to a consultant at St Thomas London for a spinal cord stimulator. Despite many doctors being concerned that I was too young for the procedure (I'm 21) I received the trail last Sunday, not even two weeks after first meeting my new consultant. After having a follow up yesterday we both agreed that the treatment had worked beyond our hopes. Although I have had excruciating back pain (which settled down after a few days) from the procedure it has been worth it. I am now due to have the full implant on Sunday and I am so excited to be able to move on with my life and act like my age.

I hope many others in my situation receive this same great care and have the same positive outcome. 😊

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Have known several people with good results, thanks for your comments


That's Awesome Haylou!


Hi, how are you getting on now? Still good? They want to send me for an implant. I have CRPS in my left foot. I want to play netball again...

What is your life like now? Is there anything you can't do?

Thanks x



I hope you are doing ok. The spinal cord stimulator has given me a greater quality of life however there are a few restrictions. For example if you ever wanted to go skiing, horse riding or on a big roller coaster it is not advisable as it increases the risk of parts of the implant fracturing. Before having the surgery I was unable to live like people my age I couldn't go to work, had to drop out of university, I couldn't prepare my own meals and on some days I couldn't even get dressed or wash my hair. Now I am able to but I also now get occasional back pain on top occasional flare ups.

However I am back training as a chef as have been doing so for two months so it is possible to have an active lifestyle post spinal cord stimulator.

Hope this helps


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