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A little bit country and a little bit hill billy

Old Blue lives so far back in the sticks it takes a phone call 2 days for the first ring to reach me. My RLS and Feet are in a race to get some where before the rest of me gets there. They both have started acting up again. I take my oxycodone and it calms down for a while. I think maybe my nerves could be causing it this time. My 44 year old daughter has been married 27 years and her and her husband have split up. It really worries me as they have an eleven year old and a seven year old. please pray for them. Blair and Bev. God Bless everyone

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A good stiff of Psalms in the King James bible and hope.May God bless you and your family in Jesus name.shalom


Awwe honey. Been through a lot too as far as kids and splits . In the end ...we just need to put it in Gods hands.

I have RLS too and a whole host of other problems. We will get through it all...just wait and see. God Bless !

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