Ive been prescribed Pregabalin 50mg twice a day but after reading the information I am scared of taking it! I drive and also have the occasional glass or two of wine. I also have AF and Kidney Disease Stage 3 and I am on a lot of other medication. I was prescribed this for possible fybromyalgia. The Doctor said I "should be okay" with this medication but the Chemist has advised me not to drive until I know how this affects me but my car is my legs so I cannot get about without it. Should I speak to my GP again.

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  • Yes.

  • Yes to what?

  • Your last question " Should I speak to my GP again."

  • ok thanks

  • Hi My doc gave me gabapentin. I loved it at first because it sent me spaced out (I know that's wrong but...) and that was preferable to the pain I was in. However when I got used to the dose it did nothing. Now trying pregablin. Good luck

  • Thanks

  • I have been on it for several months now and wish I had found it 9 months ago. However, I do not have the kidney problems that you have but I do drive and it doesn't give me a problem. I have heard for other people it makes them dizzy or off balance. I will admit when I first started taking it, my equilibrium was slightly off but after about a week and a lowered dose, I was fine. Oh, i'm taking 150 milligrams twice a day, significantly more and I can drive. My weight is 130lbs and I also take 30 milligrams of Oxycodone 4 times a day. I hope this helps <3

  • Yes thanks for that . Very helpful. Do you drink any alcohol at all. I usually just have a glass of wine or two mainly socially. I never drink and drive.

  • Oh also! Lol sorry.... I used to be a very heavy drinker. However I also for the most part don't really drink anymore in the last 4 months not because of the medication but just out of fear. So now I've had probably two six packs in the last 4 months total. So in my opinion I definitely would not exceed a glass of wine or two max.

  • Ok thanks

  • I have noticed since I stopped drinking heavily, after one beer I get a little nauseous but I figured that was just because I stopped drinking, maybe it is the meds. But seriously if you're like I used to be and say you have a couple glasses of wine every day but you really drink about a bottle I would stop. But if you really do just have a couple glasses after work and no more than that, maybe it is ok... but I also don't know how severe your kidneys are 😢. I really hope this helps, I know how frustrating it can be and this is the first time I've ever joined a forum and it's already helped a lot

  • Good luck to you and let me know how it goes! Hugs!

  • Ok I will

  • Until you try it you won't know if 1. You have side effects that affect driving and 2. If it helps!

    Don't see any point in seeing GP until you have tried it!

  • Thanks for that.

  • I am on 300mg twice a day of pregabalin. I find it's ok to drive with as the gradual use and side effects change. In regards to alcohol I find yeah it can get you drunk that but quicker but as with most meds... if you want a couple of drinks you can choose not to take meds and enjoy your evening a tad more :-) at least with pregabalin you know the amount can increase a lot more :-)

  • Thanks for that very helpful reply. I was worried that if I didnt take the tablet if wanted to go out and have a social drink it said you could get convulsions! I very rarely go out with friends for a drink anyway and its really only with a meal and not just drinking. I enjoy two glasses of wine 125ml every other day with my dinner at night.

  • You'll be fine with not taking it... I have some days where I won't. I've actually recently got 150mg on standby for those evenings I want to have an extra few drinks or other activities where I don't want to be a zombie.

    But you may find that 50mg isn't strong enough and can step up a gear... if that's the case then hang onto 50mgtabs. For those evenings you have few drinks!! Or time the request for more meds with a recent prescription increase etc lol

  • Thanks for that. Most reassuring and good advice.

  • Pregabalin is a very good pain killer , but use it to allow you to move better, so that your muscles keep working because you can only get worse if you don't keep moving because you do not want to end up using a wheelchair. I drive no problem and I take about 400mg a day, any good pain meds that allow you to move easier must be a plus and I know what you mean about your car, but you can ask a slightly different painkiller called Gabapentin that is slightly different, but try Pregabalin first to see how you get on best Alex

  • Good advice and thanks for that.

  • hi 007,like most of us on this page you'll find that we all are taking some sort of medication,or seeking advice,I think you'll find all prescription drugs give advice/warnings I'm currently on 300mg pregabalin in the morning and the same dose at night,and I have had no major side effects,but gained some weight,I don't drink alcohol and would be wary of drinking with any type of prescription drugs,and with your kidney problem you wouldn't want to aggravate or do any unnecessary damage,but as individuals certain drugs affect people in different ways,so just keep an eye on how you feel and try not to be alarmed by the "possible"side effects of the medication,I would imagine your GP is happy prescribing you a low dose,and if it helps,this can put your mind at rest,and if you're still unsure,keep in touch with your GP,good luck

  • Thanks for that. Very helpful.

  • Definitely worth giving it a try as its a fairly low dose you've been given to start off with, although it may be useful to cut the wine down to one glass.

    When I say - a try - I mean exactly that. It doesn't work for everyone and depending on your particular side effects, you may need to try something else if this doesn't work for you.

    Your GP would already have looked at all your other meds and conditions prior to prescribing this so try to clamp down on your fears and give it a go.

  • Everything in moderation!

  • I just looked up the half life of Pregabalin, and it does seem that it doesn't stay long in your body (just over six hours for a single tablet, and takes just over 30 hours of regular taking to build up to full level). I would think on that basis that if you can find about a three to five day period where you don't need to drive, you could try them and see what the effect is - only driving again when you feel that you aren't negatively affected.

  • I hate taking tablets but have to sometimes dont we!

  • I had my Pregabalin increased to 300mg twice a day and I've been taking it for 3 years. The only side effects I've noticed is my memory is terrible! I make notes when I go shopping, more than once I've had to telephone home to ask why I'm in the supermarket.!!!!!!

  • How awful. You are on quite a high dose. Ask gp if can reduce it a bit. Might help.

  • It was increased to make up for the reduction in my morphine tablets. My pain consultant said it was causing more problems than it was solving.

  • I know its terrible. I dont think GPs understand fully when they prescribed these things how it affects you all of your life!

  • My GP is brilliant to be honest if I ask about side effects of medication he wants to put me on he tells me. I asked him what are the chances of me being addicted to the morphine tablets when I was prescribed them, he said straight away you will become addicted to them. And he was right! Taken me months to get from 2x30mg tablets every down to 1x10mg tablet every 12 hours.

  • My memory is shocking I didn't realise it could be the pregablin z

  • I've been on Pregabalin for nearly 10 months now. I'm not sure how much in mg, but I take two tablets a day. I'm also on Naproxen and Tramadol. Up until last April I was drinking about a bottle of wine a day, but decided to kick it on the head for health reasons. However, I found no side-effects when drinking - but then I don't have your kidney problems. Funnily enough, though, like gaj6512 I've been experiencing really bad memory problems. I can sometimes be really easily distracted from a task and then completely forget about what I was originally doing. Never linked it with Pregabalin, but it might well be. I've never had problems with driving, although sometimes I do think my concentration is a little off.

  • I think everyone is different and its all down to doing things sensibly and in moderation. How boring haha

  • luckily my driving ability has never been affected by my pain relief, except for the odd navigational error.

  • The chemist knows more than the GP about the effects of medication. The GP has no idea how the drug is going to effect you particularly if you are on multiple drugs. Drug trial results are generally for a single drug and have not been done for drug combinations.

    The chemist has given you advice and if you ignore it and have a car accident you could be looking at a charge of dangerous driving. You need to find a way of testing yourself to see if you are safe and have amble concentration for driving.

    Registered pharmacists are trained to know the effects of drugs, GPs are not.

    Hope this helps

  • Yes i agree with you thanks. Ive already decided not to take it. My life would be hell if i couldnt drive as live on my own.

  • My chemist takes me into a little room every so often and asks me how am I doing on my medication. He explains about side effects of long term use etc.

  • Mine does too.

  • I have tried both Pregabalin and Gabapentin. Both products made me feel awful so I had to stop taking them. I think it's up to the individual. What works for some, doesn't work for others. If it clashes with any of the meds you've already been prescribed, then you'll need to wean yourself off slowly. I tried a tens machine, but that didn't work either, so I'm back to paracetamol and codeine when my Osteoarthritis flares up. Due to heart problems, I cannot take any product with Diclofenac. At least the codeine makes me sleep through any pain, even if it doesn't altogether alleviate it.

  • Thanks for that. I havent started taking them yet. Still thinking about it. I have been on lots of meds for ages and ok with them so I dont want to upset anything especially my Atrial Fibrillation condition.

  • I am alergic to codeine.

  • hi, 007, I have been taking Pregabalin for 20yrs I take 150mg in the morning and 225mg at night, also I have driven whilst taking these capsules and the DLVC have been advised and there was not a problem, however its best to take your GP,s Advice, Having said all that I still have to take pain killers at night to ensure a good nights sleep, Good luck with your enquiries !

  • Thanks for that. I didnt realise you had to inform the DLVC of meds you take. No Consultant or Doctor have ever mentioned it?

  • All the medication I'm on says may make you drowsy. I can go to sleep during the day at the drop of a hat, as soon as night time comes not a chance. I did take amitryptyiline? But the hangover feeling the next day wasn't worth it. I had some when I was in hospital for my spinal surgery and the nurses said "you just laid there like a corpse all night you never moved once"

  • I spoke to another of my GPs and she said I shouldnt have been prescribed these because I suffer from AF and kidney disease and should stop taking them straight away?

  • My doc said that about Solpadene. Told me quite bluntly it will damage your kidneys

  • 007 , I should a said DLVA "sorry" The main reason the DLVA had kept me on Alert was because My Eye site Was Questionable, so every thing else followed suit, but it is adviseable to notify them in case of any accident Claims , Just Precausion really !

  • OK thanks.

  • I've been prescribed that in the past and did try it briefly, but it did nothing for my nerve pain. The info sheet is scary reading, one of the main reasons I no longer wish to take it. I wish you good luck in finding medication that works for you.

  • Thanks I didnt take it in the end anyway as the other GP advised against it.

  • I was on Gabapentin but that "help" me to add weight . So I ask Pain management clinic if is possible to change it and they put me on Pregabalin 450 mg per day. In first week or so I was like on another planet and as you said I was kind of scare reading about side effect and consider all other health problems I have but ...I take it. After a bit side effect start disappear and now I`m use with it. Put beside this Pregabalin , Zomorph(morphine slow release), Amitriptyline and Co-Codamol. And still in pain, and still not sleep all night until 5-6-7 am.

    Wish you good luck and hope for better, Sylvia x

  • I decided to asked another GP and she said it is best that I didnt take it in view of my heart meds. so I havent taken it.

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